• Pu Chuan Inverter PI7100 004G32 380 4KW
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Pu Chuan Inverter PI7100 004G32 380 4KW
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Question: Pu Chuan Inverter pi9130a 004g3 manual

Answer: You may not see the download link below when surfing on your mobile phone. Please use your computer to view the download instead.

Question: Please tell me, this common transmission inverter pi130 0.75kw fault generation...

Answer: Answer: This is an over-voltage alarm, check the load or motor.

Question: The wiring diagram method of Puchuan pi130 inverter

Answer: Answer: http://wenku.baidu.com/link?url=O4uJ6EbOlWE7eI7TzqWBQ05EnINbMoNGzDQV2eL3HBsyuOtQQn11maK6CzXInKF2gCkMv5oqV3OQ4Hqoj0b7jbSyncKgelBV3OQ4Hqoj0b7jbSyncKgelBV3OQ4Hqoj0b7jb

Question: How to repair the pi7100 inverter display lu

Answer: 【Reply】

Question: How to check the historical fault code of Powtran inverter PI7800...

Answer: Answer: There are fault codes in the inverter manual, and there are detailed instructions in the manual according to the fault code.

Question: What is the price/performance ratio of Puchuan's inverters?

Answer: !

Question: What is going on with the alarm PH-0 of the PI7600/7800 series of Puchuan inverter?

Answer: Answer: If the meaning of this fault code is a lack of phase in the power supply, then it may be that the circuit is open, the wiring is poorly connected, the wiring terminal is faulty, or the inverter hardware is faulty.

Question: ...

Answer: Answer: The multi-speed function of the inverter manual can be started.

Question: What does the general inverter display err-04 mean

Answer: With "Err.30"...

Question: How to adjust the external parameters of the P|7660 inverter?

Answer: , 4 (Proportional linkage control) 2. External control...

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