• Sony PS4 Game Console National Bank Unlock/Backup/Restore Hong Kong Service Backup US Service Activate Game
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Sony PS4 Game Console National Bank Unlock/Backup/Restore Hong Kong Service Backup US Service Activate Game
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Question: Can ps4 back up the Hong Kong service, the US service, and the Japanese service at the same time?

Answer: Said, that is to back up the three accounts of Hong Kong Daily Service, and collect three times.

Question: PS4 National Bank backup Hong Kong service now wants to switch to the US service how to operate

Answer: Answer: Back up again, back up a system with Hong Kong service and US service

Question: Bank of China PS4 backed up the CD-ROM bought in the United States and China, can I download the DLC?

Answer: You register a national server account, go to the national server store to buy DLC and then switch back to the US server account to play DLC after installation.

Question: Can the National Bank ps4 log in to the US server account?

Answer: You need to find a U.S. server account to "restore" the system by way of recovery, and it is enough to restore it.

Question: Does ps4 support multiple accounts? Can you have both the US service, Japan service and Hong Kong service at the same time?

Answer: Hope to adopt, thank you.

Question: Will this be banned?

Answer: The Hong Kong server or other servers purchased the game and then switched back to the national server account to play the trophy, of course you can.

Question: How do I choose the address when I register for the US server on PS4?

Answer: : Covina, State: CA, Zip Code: 91723 Telephone...

Question: After a ps4 has registered for the Hong Kong server, how can I register for the US server?

Answer: The discount is generally pre-sale or invigorating...

Question: The Hong Kong server has been backed up and restored. Would you like to add another US server, do you want to buy a backup?

Answer: Then you will enter the Hong Kong server when you start up and choose a, and b is the national server.

Question: ps4 I bought a game from the Hong Kong server and changed the account of the US server to connect with my friends...

Answer: Shun, if you follow your idea, you can, first create two users, one log in to the Hong Kong server, then buy the game, download it, and after downloading it, log out, return to the user interface selection, and then enter your US server account.

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