• Zhu Futang Practical Pediatrics (Volume 2) 8th Edition
Zhu Futang Practical Pediatrics (Volume 2) 8th Edition
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Question: When will Zhu Futang's Practical Pediatrics release its eighth edition?

Answer: A: I am also waiting. It is reported that the revision of the 8th edition of Zhufutang Practical Pediatrics was launched in mid-April 2012.

Question: How about the 7th edition of Principles of Optics

Answer: Answer: Known as the "Bible in the Optical Domain", there is nothing to say. Every time you encounter a problem, you can turn it out and read it. You can always be inspired and find some enlightenment to solve the problem.

Question: How to discharge lead

Answer: The eighth edition of "Zhufutang Practical Pediatrics" clearly pointed out: For most children without acute poisoning, non-drugs are the first choice...

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