• Zhaoxin mobile phone repair power supply 5v3a DC adjustable power meter Apple mobile phone repair tool PS-503D
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Zhaoxin mobile phone repair power supply 5v3a DC adjustable power meter Apple mobile phone repair tool PS-503D
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Question: Cell phone repair, stabilized power supply, cell phone does not turn on

Answer: When you connect the power-off mobile phone, try to increase 0.3-0.5V.

Question: I want to teach myself mobile phone repair and I don’t know which tools are used, especially

Answer: Hope to help the building, please adopt

Question: Why doesn't Zhaoxin DC power supply display the current current

Answer: Answer: Some models display voltage and current on one screen, and you need to press a button next to the screen to switch.

Question: Zhaoxin Power is really rubbish

Answer: Answer: Zhaoxin Antaixin repair power supply of these brands is cheap, in order to reduce costs, there are problems in its own design, the two most common faults are easy to burn the adjustment tube and cause the highest voltage output to burn the load, the adjustment potentiometer is not connected well, and the number is skipped.

Question: The quality of the Zhaoxin DC adjustable power supply is very poor, and the transformers are all aluminum coils.

Answer: However, many magnet wires are now aluminum wires in order to reduce costs.

Question: Zhaoxin RXN305D DC power supply has no output voltage, and the current shows 7.8A but ten thousand...

Answer: Turn on the shell to check the resistance of the transistor, B\C\E.

Question: How long does it take to learn mobile phone repair? Open a mobile phone repair shop by yourself...

Answer: Display-120 microscope ~ 10-30 times-650 digital multimeter ~-30 screwdriver ~ basically use 15 +++-15 (T4-T6, word, triangle, cross at least this...

Question: Has that friend ever used Megaxin DPS-3005D DC power supply?

Answer: Check the resistance of the triode and B\C\E on the case.

Question: Which brand of adjustable power supply 30V5A for notebook repair is good

Answer: It is said that Zhaoxin’s is not good, and I have never used it. I want to buy that. Maybe I will buy Longwei. We have these two brands here~`, depressed.”, I...

Question: Why is the power supply current of the 555 monostable multivibrator when the 2 pin is grounded...

Answer: Because I don’t know what the schematic diagram of the entire circuit board looks like, is it because of the large currents in other components caused by the suspension of vibration?

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