• Live studio shooting 49.9
Live studio shooting 49.9
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Question: The live broadcast of the vibrato speed version said that buying the first 2000 in the U disk for 49.9 yuan will also get 10...

Answer: The most important thing is that the quality of this U disk is very poor.

Question: Seeking to recommend an easy-to-use graphic live broadcast platform

Answer: Relatively speaking, I recommend Cloud Live. All events we need to live broadcast with pictures and texts are to find them to do the live broadcast. As the content media platform of the conference industry, they...

Question: How to set the amount of winning special shots in the live broadcast room of Pinduoduo merchants?

Answer: Answer: Pinduoduo merchants can use the volume tool to add the number of online viewers and the number of followers in the live broadcast room.

Question: Does the anchor of the Pinduoduo live studio say that everything worth tens of thousands is true (39.9 shots...

Answer: Answer: The anchor of Pinduoduo's live broadcast said that things worth tens of thousands of dollars were sold for 39 yuan, this must be fake, how can you believe these things?

Question: The purchase price is 5 yuan and the price is 49.9. The live broadcast sells 1.3 million yuan of fake lipsticks in three days, and the Internet...

Answer: I have always felt that the online celebrity live broadcasts are really super fake, not to mention that the quality is prone to problems, and the price is too cheap. I...

Question: What category does Pinduoduo live broadcast specifically for?

Answer: Answer: Pinduoduo's live broadcast specializes in shooting and writing merchandise and clothing programs

Question: What equipment is needed for the live broadcast room?

Answer: But because of the phone...

Question: Today, there are only 90,000 people in the live broadcast room. It used to be more than 100,000, and the review is always unreasonable...

Answer: The audit always fails

Question: Someone who understands explain

Answer: Talented to prepare for the future.

Question: How to grab a spike in the live broadcast of Wei Ya?

Answer: In 2007, with D-dico, double G...

Question: What does the live room in Douyin mean?

Answer: Live webcasts.

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