• 32cm round silicone steamer mat
  • 32cm round silicone steamer mat
  • 32cm round silicone steamer mat
  • 32cm round silicone steamer mat
  • 32cm round silicone steamer mat
32cm round silicone steamer mat
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Question: What is the difference between silicone steamer mat and silicone steamer cloth

Answer: Compared with traditional cage mats, silicone steamer mats have the following characteristics: Economical: traditional...

Question: Ask: Is it safe to use silicone steamer mats for steamed buns or buns?

Answer: High and low temperature resistance (-40°~180°), light weight, non-sticky oil, easy to clean and not easy to breed bacteria, friction resistance, repeated use, use period...

Question: Online etc.

Answer: Therefore, the silicone steamer mats on the market have quality assurance. I heard from my sisters that Zhenzhan Rubber’s silicone steamer cloth is very convenient to use, easy to clean, and reliable in quality.

Question: What's wrong with the sticky bottom of the steamed buns on the silicone mat

Answer: All, you can talk to me privately and tell you what caused your silicone pad to touch the bottom

Question: How can steamed steamed buns be non-sticky? Is there any non-sticky steamed buns?

Answer: 2. Use a straw mat, brush the oil, non-stick, convenient.

Question: Why does the bottom of the steamed rice bun with silicone steamer mat become dry and cross ◇

Answer: ...

Question: How to use silicone steamer mat

Answer: You can eat it!

Question: Which steamer cloth, steamer paper, rattan mat, silicone steamer mat, etc. is best to use?

Answer: Many businesses are now using Taizhou Zhenzhan’s silicone steamer mats.

Question: ...

Answer: You can also click directly...

Question: What kind of cloth is better for the cloth on the steamer basket for steamed buns?

Answer: If you eat it at home, I suggest that you can buy some bottoming paper, which is trouble-free, simple, one-time use, and breathable. The steamed buns have a better effect and are not expensive...

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