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Question: I would like to ask which pen Baile 78G and 88G is more suitable for students?

Answer: Answer: If it is for daily use, it is recommended to buy 78G. 78G is a special version from China. It is designed for Chinese character writers. The appearance of 88G is more beautiful and has a sense of design. However, because of the relationship between the metal pen, if the student party carries it daily, the first is the second stroke. It will be hard to see the F-tip to write it out. Personal feeling is around 0.4, 0.5 and 0.38. Personal tendency is to summarize daily writing...

Question: How does Japan import pilot Baile 78g fountain pen to absorb ink

Answer: A: There are two types of inkers, which one do you use, and there are two types, there is no need to teach inking

Question: Comparison of pilot Baile 78G and Smiley Pen

Answer: A: In fact, it is almost the same. The 78g nib is better, and the gold-plated one is better. Now it is better to buy 78g+. However, 78g is said to be aimed at inland and Southeast Asia, not in Japan, and smiley faces all over the world. The others are just different. In addition, if you practice calligraphy, buy M

Question: What ink is good for Baile fountain pen 78g

Answer: Answer: We are all diaosi with 78G, the most common ostrich and hero can be used, if you want to use black, be careful not to use carbon ink, buy black ink. F's may need a knife, and M's are used directly. Hope to accept!

Question: Baile Pilot fountain pen 78G if M tip carbon black ink will block the pen. Hundred...

Answer: A: The capillaries of Japanese pens are slender and easy to block with carbon ink. Baile has many types of ink, ink30 is not carbon

Question: Can the nib of this pilot Baile 78g fountain pen be replaced?

Answer: A: It is not expensive to buy one.

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