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Question: Baidu Knows - Information Tips

Answer: A: The transfer beads are golden, and the colored parts are not on the beads. First of all, there are many kinds of gold. For example, the gold content of pure gold is more than 99%. The gold content of thousand pure gold is above 99.9%. The gold content of 10,000 pure gold is above 99.99%. Hard gold is also called 3D hard gold. Chow Sang Sang's transfer beads are made of 3D hard gold metal, which is solid inside, and the price...

Question: Is the golden cat's eye transfer beads 999 pure gold?

Answer: Answer: The golden cat's eye transfer beads are 999 pure gold. The symbol of pure gold is pure gold 99, that is, its gold content reaches 99%; while the latter symbol is pure gold 999, and its content is 99%. nine o'clock."

Question: I would like to ask about the kind of gold red rope bracelet in the jewelry store, which is almost three transfer beads, I don't know how heavy it is...

Answer: A: If it is a traditional craft gold transfer beads, then its gold price is about 300 yuan / gram. If it is a 3D process, its gold price is about 385 yuan/gram. The transfer beads are small and not heavy. If each is estimated to be 1 gram, 3 are 3 grams. 3*300=900 yuan. , 3*385=1155 yuan.

Question: Have you been deceived to buy 3d hard gold? Give an explanation-Is 3d hard gold recycled in general gold stores

Answer: Answer: (3) The 3D hard gold transfer beads of the same brand that I bought before, although they are not deformed, the scratches stay for a long time, and the recycling price is very general, which cannot catch up with gold. Now they are put in the drawer to eat ashes. (4) My thinking is a bit backward, I don't like to look at handicrafts and designs to buy gold accessories like others, and...

Question: Today, I went to buy three gold transfer beads, a total of only 1.7 grams, 1,300 is not too pit_Baidu...

Answer: Answer: This situation may be a psychology of buying, because when you buy it, you buy it for the gold transfer beads, and you buy it for the transfer, so you won't think it's too pitiful, because people's luck is not good Measured in money. Now that I have spent money and bought it back, I don't think I should think about how much it cost...

Question: What color matching do women usually choose for gold transfer bead bracelets

Answer: A: I am a professional weaving rope. Usually, red beads are paired with transfer beads, which will make the transfer beads stand out. However, there are too many such weaving methods, so it is better to innovate on your own.

Question: ... 999 thousand-foot gold Passepartout gold transfer pearl gold bead natal year red rope bracelet where...

Answer: A: I think it’s better to go to the gold store to buy it. There is a lot of choice, and the quality is guaranteed. It is woven with red rope, and there is a single one who chooses to let the gold store help to weave it into a bracelet~

Question: Are cat eye transfer beads marked?

Answer: Answer: Yes. The golden cat's eye transfer beads are 999 pure gold, the symbol of pure gold is pure gold 99, that is, its gold content reaches 99%, while the latter symbol is pure gold 999, and its content is 99.9% .

Question: How much is a gold transfer pearl?

Answer: A: According to today's gold price, one gram of transshipment beads is about three hundred or so. If you have two in your hand, you can buy two or three grams and they will look good! That is about seven hundred to nine hundred!

Question: How much does a gold red rope bracelet generally cost per gram, and how much is a transfer bead in general

Answer: Answer: Gold is priced at a price of more than 360 per gram, and some will offer discounts. Generally, the transfer beads are relatively small and the smallest and 0.3, so buying a smaller one is not expensive. Just two More than 100 can be done. If it is woven into a ring, the manual fee is generally...

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