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Question: The car seat cover is fully enclosed and the one that is free of binding is safe

Answer: A: The car seat cover can effectively prevent the car seat from being dirty. After all, it is more convenient to clean the seat cover than the seat. The car seat cover can not only prevent dirt, but also increase the beauty of the whole vehicle and improve the grade of the car. Oriental Fit's car seat covers are well received by customers, mainly taking the middle and high-end routes, which are trustworthy. You can find out what kind of seat is suitable for your car...

Question: What is a car full surround seat cover

Answer: A: All-encompassing seat cover is to wrap all the seats in your car. Commonly known as full surround seat cover

Question: Is the car seat cover fully enclosed or half enclosed?

Answer: Answer: The seat cover is of course a full package, but some may be very troublesome to install and need to disassemble the seat. Ask when you buy it, and the seat cushion is half-packaged.

Question: Will the seat cover affect the airbag?

Answer: Answer: Some cars have side airbags on the side of the seat. For this kind of car cover seat cushion, you should pay attention to the cover not to block the airbag. Generally, the airbag pop-up opening on the seat is not very large, and there is less than one bank. The card is so big, and the sides of many seat cushions are not fully sealed. Just pay attention, you can choose a cushion that does not block the airbag.

Question: Do you need to remove the original leather seat first to install the car full surround seat cushion?

Answer: Answer: No, install it directly on the original one~~ Whether it is genuine leather or not, judge it according to the following methods. Because from the brand, the logo, the name, it's hard to tell. In this age of copycats, what you buy is not necessarily genuine; the name is scribbled, and the logo is scribbled. The identification method is as follows: Leather identification knowledge 1: Identify the leather Hand touch: touch the leather watch with your hand...

Question: Car full surround seat cushion cover warranty period

Answer: A: This generally does not require maintenance

Question: Is it better to buy a full-coverage seat cover or a leather seat?

Answer: Answer: The leather package is docile, it looks like the grade will be higher, the seat cover is relatively cheap, generally wrinkled in the middle, the look and feel and use feeling are not very good, now Taobao - reservation can also upgrade the door panel and armrest free of charge

Question: Any recommendations for a good full wrap seat cover?

Answer: A: All-inclusive or ordinary mainly depends on personal preference. If you want to fully protect the seat, use the all-inclusive one. If only the front row is easy to get dirty, then the 3D one is enough. Shimeng negative ion oxygen bar cushions are available in all-inclusive, 3D, and narrow versions. The design is generous and dignified, and it continuously releases negative ions, purifies the air, and removes formaldehyde.

Question: How to refit a woven seat with a fully surrounded leather seat cover

Answer: A: You can put a full leather seat cover, or you can go to the entire seat foreskin.

Question: New Fit Full Surrounding Car Seat Cushion Installation Video Tutorial

Answer: A: Buy our car seat cushion and we will send you the installation video

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