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Question: What types of spray nozzles are there?

Answer: Answer: The sprayer nozzle is the most important part of the atomized liquid medicine, which plays a decisive role in the spray quality. There are three main types of spray nozzles: vortex nozzles, fan nozzles and impact nozzles. (1) The vortex nozzle is characterized in that there is a guide part in the nozzle, and the high-pressure liquid medicine generates a spiral motion through the guide part. Vortex nozzles are divided into cutting...

Question: I want to buy the nozzle of an electric sprayer as shown in the picture, where can I buy it?

Answer: Answer: Taobao, you can't think of it, everything is sold

Question: Where can I buy high pressure atomizing nozzles (sprinkler heads) in Kunming, Yunnan?

Answer: Answer: Chrysanthemum Village Electromechanical Market

Question: What is the difference between a normal nozzle and a mist nozzle?

Answer: Answer: There is definitely a difference between the ordinary nozzle of the sprayer and the mist nozzle. The mist leading effect is better. It is used evenly and the effect is good.

Question: What are the humidifier atomizing nozzles?

Answer: Answer: No. 0 humidifier atomizing nozzle aperture 0.10mm operating pressure 10~70kg/cm spray volume 10~25cc/min No. 1 humidifier atomizing nozzle aperture 0.15mm operating pressure 10~70kg/cm spray volume 20~46cc/min No. 2 humidifier atomizing nozzle aperture 0.20mm operating pressure 10 ~ 70kg/cm spray volume 49 ~ 89cc/min No. 3 humidifier atomizing nozzle aperture 0.30mm operation...

Question: What are the commonly used nozzles of spray machinery, and what are the characteristics of each

Answer: Answer: The sprayer in the automation equipment around die casting is to extend the spray device into the mold cavity for spraying through the principle of mechanical linkage. The spraying and blowing nozzles of Xintaiming group shorten the spraying cycle. The atomization effect is good, the spray is uniform, and the product will not have water marks or pull flowers. The copper tube nozzle is suitable for various molds and effectively overcomes the dead angle of spray. More suitable for long-term, stable...

Question: The production of water atomizing nozzles, as well as drawings, I want to make a mist by myself...

Answer: A: Go buy a nozzle with a spray function and disassemble it for research, the drawings are probably not easy to get

Question: The difference between impact type water mist nozzle and high-speed atomizing nozzle

Answer: Answer: These two types of nozzles are high-pressure atomizing nozzles. Because the fine liquid column ejected from the nozzle hole hits the target needle with the same diameter as the nozzle hole, the impact type water mist nozzle forms a very fine mist. It is widely used in garden landscape fogging, workshop humidification and cooling, crops and flowers humidification, air conditioner outdoor cooling, etc. In comparison, the high-pressure single-fluid water mist fire extinguishing system...

Question: Which nozzle is better for agricultural irrigation? Can I use atomizing nozzles?

Answer: A: It mainly depends on what kind of crops are planted, and what kind of nozzle is used. In the growing period of crops and seedlings, do not use nozzles with too much impact, which will easily kill the seedlings. At that time, they can be used for atomizing nozzles. Also, it is better to use this kind of atomization for thin crops

Question: Which nozzle of the electric sprayer has good penetration effect and high working efficiency? like...

Answer: Answer: Each sprinkler has its own advantages. The straight sprinkler with 4 holes is commonly used in the middle and late stages of rice production. The distance can be adjusted with 3 holes or 4 holes for fruit trees. Generally, a single hole or 3 holes with a protective cover is used for weeding, and a single hole is also used for disease treatment. In fact, these fog drops are reasonable choices according to your actual needs! Just apply

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