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Question: About the costumes of Xinjiang dance

Answer: A: I think it's pants. Maybe the costumes used in dance training classes are up to you. In fact, you know it when you go to Xinjiang. Their local girls can dance. There are many things I don't know, yes Music is not sensitive, so I usually just do activities, I can check the tutorial online, don't go too far, just watch it when you say it...

Question: What kind of costumes and dances do the ethnic minorities in our country have?

Answer: A: According to legend, it is related to the commemoration of Bai Peng, who local people think symbolizes peace and freedom. It is a collective dance of one god. The dancers wear white clothes and hold feather fans in both hands. When dancing, they wave the fans, imitating the flying posture of white ducks. The movements are graceful and gentle, and they are full of local and national characteristics. 2. The clothing of the Korean nationality is still plain white, and it is known as the "white nationality". Female...

Question: Is the costume in the picture suitable for Xinjiang dance?

Answer: Answer: Appropriate. looks almost the same

Question: ...dance Xinjiang dance, hexagonal hat + long skirt + black vest, this is Uyghur or Kazakh costume...

Answer: A: This is from the Uyghurs, and their vests and long skirts are indistinguishable, but the hexagonal hat is a characteristic of the Uyghurs, because if they were Kazakhs, they must have feathers, and Avanti is also Uyghur. In the Uyghurs, it means Mr., if you hear Huojia Nasr (the image of a funny person) ...

Question: Where can I borrow Xinjiang dance costumes in Tianjin?

Answer: A: There is a dance supplies store at the entrance of Da Hutong, and there is also a store at the entrance of the Song and Dance Theater. I buy it there every time.

Question: What is the name of the cloth that is turned when dancing Xinjiang dance?

Answer: A: Where do Xinjiang dances use handkerchiefs! ! ! The cloth you are talking about should be dancing skirts, and the clothes for authentic Xinjiang dance should be Uyghur traditional silk and satin, called Adelaide silk, which is rich in color and interlaced with colored strips.

Question: The appearance is amazing! How amazing is the Xinjiang dance performed by Dilireba at the 2021 New Year's Eve party?

Answer: A: Dilireba is a Uyghur in Xinjiang. Singing and dancing are skills from childhood to adulthood. This time, the costume with national characteristics also reminds people of the exotic beauty Anarhan she once played. And Di Ali Gerba's performance at the New Year's Eve party was refreshing and really amazing! Dilireba is really beautiful, Reba from Xinjiang has...

Question: The ___ dance belonging to the Uyghur nationality in the picture

Answer: Answer: It is the dance of our Xinjiang Uyghurs. Judging from the costumes (women's headdresses and men's clothes), it should be from southern Xinjiang, and this occasion may be Mai Xilaipu~~~ I think it is "Sainaim" "It is a form of Uyghur performative dance, which is widely spread throughout Xinjiang. The term "Sinaim" is a reference to such compositions and...

Question: What do ethnic minorities wear

Answer: Answer: 4. Gaoshan people. Women generally wear long-sleeved tops with a front or narrow-sleeved tops, all kinds of skirts, and black or red cloth head wraps. Men usually wear long-sleeved shirts and vests of varying lengths, with a loincloth or front skirt. Gaoshan people pay attention to decoration in festivals and wear shell clothes (shell clothes and bead skirts woven with shells and pearls). 5. Dai people...

Question: Features of Xinjiang Dance

Answer: Answer: Micro tremor is a characteristic movement in Uyghur folk dance. The regular continuous micro tremor of the knee, or the momentary micro tremor when the movement is changed, makes the dance movement soft and graceful, and the connection is natural. Rotation is the most commonly used technique in Uyghur folk dance. Fast, versatile, and abrupt. The characteristics of Xinjiang dance and its...

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