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Question: What are the precautions for Jiangling Shunda Narrow-body National 5 light trucks

Answer: A: It is best to install a driving recorder and a reversing image. If you are not good at traveling now, there will be no accidents. It is less troublesome to have a driving recorder. The rear of the box is a blind spot, and it is invisible when reversing. Diesel plus PetroChina Sinopec, don't be greedy for the few cents of the private gas station, if the fuel injector is broken, the repair fee and accessories will cost 3,000.

Question: What is the quotation for a 4.2-meter Jiangling truck, and is it worth buying at present?

Answer: A: There are three models of Jiangling trucks with 4.2 meters on sale. The following is a list of hard-working old drivers for you. Jiangling Classic Shunda 109-horsepower 4.21-meter single-row van light truck with a reference price of 73,800. Jiangling Classic Shunda 116-horsepower 4.26-meter single-row van light truck. The reference price is 82,800. Jiangling Classic Shunda 116-horsepower 4.22-meter single-row van light truck. Reference price 80,800...

Question: Advantages and disadvantages of JMC Kaiyun and JMC Shunda vans?

Answer: Answer: JMC Shunda 1. [Advantages] (1) JMC Shunda is a light truck product positioned as "practical first", and it is produced on the same line as the old JMC Kaiyun, which makes it inherit the quality of JMC. It ensures the performance and quality of core components such as engine, transmission and frame. (2) Jiangling adopts Jiangling 4JB1 diesel turbocharged engine, which has strong power and speed...

Question: How much is the fuel consumption of Jiangling Shunda 2.8 displacement light truck?

Answer: A: The overall fuel consumption is around 8-10. Driving habits are different, road conditions are different, traffic jams, load, oil, hot and cold air, whether the running-in period/old car is different, etc., the fuel consumption is also different. For example, if a car consumes A liter of fuel and travels N kilometers, then the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers = A÷N×100. Bringing in specific numbers, if a car consumes 4 liters of fuel...

Question: Jiangling Shunda wide-body truck keeps beeping, what's the matter

Answer: Answer: It's the piston, the air filter is shaking inside, or the air compressor is in the unloading state

Question: How many liters is the fuel tank of Jiangling Shunda double-row van

Answer: Answer: The displacement is 2771mL, which is the mailbox volume of the 2.8L JMC Kaiyun double-row van: 80L JMC Shunda is a light truck product positioned as "practical first". It has indeed reached the level of high-end light trucks, omitting some comfort devices, thus making the vehicle more cost-effective.

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