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Question: Where is Lavida better than the new Santana? Or where is Bora better than the Jetta...

Answer: A: The new Lavida and the new Bora are one car with two shells. Only the details are different, there is no obvious difference in driving. The specific analysis is as follows: 1. Lavida is more beautiful in appearance. Because the front face of the Volkswagen family is very incongruous with the sideways large flying line of the new Bora, and the rear of the car is also very bloated. Lavida's sideways lines are more gentle, and the C-pillar shape is more...

Question: Lavida, Bora, New Jetta. Which one is better to choose, comprehensive analysis, know...

Answer: A: The new Lavida and the new Bora are the same car shell. All of them are improved by lengthening and improving the PQ34 chassis of the old Bora. But in terms of driving space, craftsmanship, comfort and safety, the new Lavida is better. For example, the rear seat space of the Lavida is larger than that of the Bora, and the volume of the trunk is 478 liters for the Lavida and 450 liters for the new Bora. Lavida's seats are softer and more comfortable. Lavida has rear...

Question: New Lavida, New Bora, New Jetta, New Santana how to choose?

Answer: Answer: If 120,000 wants to buy a 1.6L automatic transmission, then choose the new Jetta. After all, the prices of the new Bora and the new Lavida are too high. Whether 120,000 can buy the minimum configuration of the 1.6L automatic transmission is a problem. The configuration is too low and boring. Both the new Jetta and the new Santana can buy high-end models, but the price of the new Jetta is more affordable, and the price is about 3,000 yuan lower than the new Santana under the same configuration...

Question: How to install Polo car seat cover

Answer: A: What seat cover is good for Volkswagen Polo, and how to install the seat cover for Volkswagen Polo? As a classic small car of Volkswagen, the sales volume of the Volkswagen Polo in the world has always been high, especially for young people. Today, I will learn some information with the editor. Volkswagen Polo seat cover is recommended As a Polo, since the general purchases are young car owners, when purchasing...

Question: New Santana, New Bora, New Jetta and Lavida Comparison

Answer: Answer: The new Santana is the platform of the polo, the smaller Lavida is the platform of the old Bora, the technology platform is older, look at the new Focus, Skoda Octavia

Question: Which model of Volkswagen Santana, Lavida, Bora and Jetta is better? Cost-effective

Answer: A: Volkswagen series cars all have a common feature, they are solid, durable, and cost-effective. The first choice is Lavida, Bora, New Santana and New Jetta. The shape is almost the same, and the price is lower than the previous two. For example, considering the amount of personal economy, the latter two new Santana and new Jetta can be done within 100,000 yuan if the money is less, and the first two Lavida and Bora are more expensive.

Question: New Lavida, new Bora? Or a new Santana or a Jetta? (Xiao Bai just...

Answer: Answer: 1.2 points belong to the appearance image, radishes and vegetables have their own preferences, no evaluation. 3. The interior space is similar. As for the top space of Bora, the top of the rear row with sunroof is more crowded. About the front row. 4. ESP is not as obvious as the legendary effect, and this type of car still needs to be slower when cornering. Suspension is not independent. 5. The new Bora 1.6 has been changed since 2011...

Question: Jetta, Santana, Bora or Lavida which is better

Answer: A: The new Santana engine EA211 is the most advanced in China and even in Asia. Reliable sources work well. The new Jetta should also be the EA211 engine. Is it workmanship? Don't know yet. Is the Lavida 1.6 engine durable or advanced workmanship? It's also a big one at Lavida. Because the Jetta is early!

Question: Volkswagen Polo Bora Santana Jetta Lavida Sagitar which is better

Answer: Answer: Compared with Volkswagen polo, Bora, Santana, Jetta, Lavida, and Sagitar, considering the price and transportation, the use of polo is more suitable for Sagitar in terms of performance.

Question: What's the difference between Volkswagen Lavida, Sagitar, Jetta, and Bora? Which one sells better?

Answer: Answer: Lavida, Jetta, Sagitar, Bora, New Santana, these cars are better than Sagitar in my opinion. The workmanship, technology, configuration, positioning and many other aspects of the car have the most advantages. The disadvantage is that the price of the car is the highest.

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