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Question: How to make dried small whitebait

Answer: Answer: Small whitebait, because of its small size, is inconvenient to clean its internal organs, so the easiest way to make small whitebait is to fry small whitebait, or make small whitebait dried, when making small whitebait dried , you can make it into many flavors, if you like spicy taste, you can add more chili, if you like cumin flavor, you can add more cumin, below...

Question: How to make dry silver fish

Answer: Answer: Whitebait is a freshwater fish. Whitebait is small in size and is a kind of fish treasure. It is rich in nutrients and has the characteristics of high protein and low fat. There are many ways to make whitebait, which can be used to steam eggs, scramble eggs, pancakes, fry them, or make soups. Whitebait has the functions of tonic, stomach, lung, and water. So how can silverfish be delicious, today...

Question: How much is a pound of small whitebait and how to cook it

Answer: Answer: The highest price is 42.00, the lowest price is 18.00, and the average price is 30.00. A very good side dish for wine Silk, green pepper silk, monosodium glutamate and sesame oil, then...

Question: What is the difference between lilac and whitebait?

Answer: Answer: predatory fish. Whitebait is a freshwater fish, about seven to ten centimeters in length, slightly round in length, tender and transparent, with a color like silver, hence its name. Produced in the mouth of the Yangtze River, the shape is slightly longer, commonly known as "noodle fish" and "noodle fish". Taihu Whitebait has a long history. According to the record in "Taihu Lake Preparation", Taihu Lake was rich in silverfish during the Spring and Autumn Period of Wuyue. too...

Question: What do you do when you find that there are fish with small noodles in the market now?

Answer: A: When I was in Qingdao before, I often saw this kind of small whitebait, and there will be fresh ones in this season, but we rarely see fresh ones in our local area, not to mention the fresh small whitebait storage time is too short, so most of them are fresh. All I eat is the kind of dried whitebait, but this kind of dried whitebait is also very delicious. Fresh noodle fish can scrambled eggs...  

Question: How to eat the best fish with dried noodles

Answer: Answer: Therefore, it is best to choose Taihu Whitebait, Dongting Lake Whitebait, and Anqing Wuchang Lake Whitebait for babies, which are one of the specialties of Wangjiang County. The difference between dried noodle fish and whitebait is 5 yuan per catty. Noodle fish is rich in nutritional value. Rest assured that noodle fish is rich in nutritional value.

Question: How to eat whitebait delicious? Why is whitebait so expensive?

Answer: Answer: The production materials of Tatar Shaoxing Whitebait: Main ingredients: 1000 grams of fresh whitebait (noodle fish). Accessories: 500 grams of potatoes (oblong shape is preferred), 150 grams of lettuce leaves. Seasoning: 100 grams of tartar, 20 grams of refined salt, 0.5 grams of pepper, appropriate amount of peanut oil. (Prepare 300 grams of bread flour, 100 grams of egg yolk) The characteristics of tartare Shaoxing whitebait:...

Question: Can dried small whitebait and crab-flavored mushrooms be made into soup together?

Answer: Answer: Yes. Crab-flavored mushrooms have nothing to do with food. Crab-flavored mushrooms are suitable for the crowd: the general population can eat them. It is especially suitable for constipation, frail people, cancer patients, cardiovascular disease patients and children in the developing period. Whitebait Aliases: Wang Yu, Clam Residual Fish, Glass Fish, Silver Fish, Noodle Fish, Big Whitebait, Squid Residual Fish Taboo crowd: skin...

Question: Is it true that my friend said that cloves are small whitebait?

Answer: Answer: Hello, cloves and whitebait are two different fish, cloves belong to the family Anchovy, which belongs to the order Herring, while whitebait belongs to the whitebait family. Silverfish eyes, also called vitreous body, is a small black spot, the body is pale white, opaque, and the tail is forked; while the lilac fish is transparent, boneless, about 1-75px long, and the vitreous body is...

Question: Introduction of silverfish

Answer: Answer: Noodle fish ("Yellow and Bohai Sea Fish Survey Report"), big whitebait ("Fish Taxonomy"). Source: It is the whole body of whitebait, the silverfish of the suborder of salmon-shaped smelt. The collective name for a variety of translucent fish in the genus Salanx of the family Salangidae. Found in brackish and fresh waters of East Asia, it is hailed as a delicacy in China. Slender body,...

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