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Question: Bawang Shampoo. Is it easy to use?

Answer: Answer: Bawang shampoo has a certain relieving effect on hair loss. Bawang shampoo is mild in nature and has natural ingredients. It contains a variety of traditional Chinese medicine ingredients for hair care and hair growth. It has a certain effect on the prevention and treatment of hair loss. The biggest feature of Bawang shampoo is that it adds various hair care products to the product...

Question: Does Bawang shampoo really work? Can it control hair loss?

Answer: Answer: Bawang Anti-Hair Loss Growth Shampoo is useful, originated from Bawang of a family of traditional Chinese medicines, inherits the ancestral formula, selects the best Chinese herbal medicines Rhodiola, Polygonum multiflorum, Arborvitae, Angelica, Chuanxiong, Drynaria, Ginger, Mulberry leaves, soaked and cooked It is boiled into anti-hair loss compound stock solution, and it is refined into Bawang anti-hair loss shampoo by integrating modern biotechnology. This shampoo is mainly for...

Question: Does Bawang Anti Hair Loss Growth Shampoo work?

Answer: A: And the most irresistible thing for me is the effect of his hair repairing and moisturizing, and the hair is not frizzy after blowing. 3. Ziyuan Silicone Oil Free Ginger Shampoo Ginger Shampoo I have been planted for a long time. I only bought this one in recent months. There are too many ginger shampoos on the Internet. This one was planted by my favorite blogger. Speaking of protection...

Question: What is the best nourishing hair care product for dry hair?

Answer: A: The better ones are Swarovski ones, which are not very expensive. I forgot the specifics. Five or sixty dollars. I recommend Schwarzkopf's EXTRA CARE Hair Repair Serum. If you have straight hair, choose silk protein for deep moisturizing and smoothing. If you have perm hair, choose cashmere butter for deep repairing and nourishing. ..

Question: Which conditioner is best to use after dyeing your hair?

Answer: A: It contains eight kinds of plant extracts, without any irritating ingredients, it nourishes the hair more deeply, and the effect of scalp care is also very good. Especially those with dry and frizzy hair, severe dandruff, or girls who often perm and dye, can use this shampoo to improve, make the hair tough and supple, and solve the problem...

Question: What are the #1 shampoos that can improve dry hair that washes out so smooth and smells good?_ Baidu...  

Answer: A: So I decided to change my shampoo. After summarizing various experiences and recommendations from friends around me, I started using Revlon Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner to wash my hair every night. When shampooing, massage the scalp with the balls of your fingers, especially the areas of hair loss. When using conditioner, massage hair gently. Two or three days have passed, and my hair has become smooth, black and shiny.  …

Question: Bawang shampoo and Revlon ginger shampoo are the best to prevent hair loss

Answer: Answer: Frequent dyeing and perming of hair will definitely affect the hair quality and cause the hair to become dry and yellow. It is easy to lose or break the hair. Use a conditioner containing essential oils to care for the hair, and it can effectively restore the luster of the hair.

Question: What is the best conditioner to use to repair damaged hair?

Answer: Answer: L'Oreal. This is used professionally by many hair salons. I would like to tell you from personal experience that I have curly hair, but I like straight hair, so I have to pull it every six months. Ionic perm itself is very harmful. Recently, my hairdresser has always recommended me to use moisturizing ointment. If you don't need it, it will be very dry, but it will cost more than 400...

Question: Which conditioner is easy to use? Mainly smooth,!

Answer: Answer: I have always known that L'Oreal's cosmetics have a good reputation. I tried the strong and glowing series on the recommendation of the shop assistant, and combined the conditioner to maintain at the same time. After washing my hair, even the comb is left, and it is very soft after drying. , the hair roots also become stronger with time, and the smell is very fragrant and long-lasting. The third type: ginger...

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