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Question: Is Dihuazhixiu shampoo qualified? Does it work well?

Answer: A: Qualified, the effect is good. I remember that the first time I used the shampoo of Dihuazhixiu was more than ten years ago. At that time, I usually used Rejoice and Head & Shoulders. After using the shampoo of Dihuazhixiu, I was shocked. It felt so good. , so for a long time, I felt that Dihuazhixiu was a very expensive brand, and later...

Question: How about Tie Hua Xiu Conditioner

Answer: A: Backed by high-tech research and development technology, and constantly innovating, its products sell well in the market. Dihuazhixiu has become one of the powerful brands in the domestic daily chemical market, and its series has become more and more abundant, covering skin care, shampoo, hair care and styling. The above content refers to Baidu Encyclopedia - Tiehua Show...

Question: Is Dihuazhixiu shampoo easy to use?

Answer: A: I think Dihua Zhixiu is very useful. For so many years, I can't use anything else for my hair, but I can only use Tie Hua Xiu. I have used An An Jin Chun's green screen shampoo a few months ago and it is not bad. Lux shampoo feels the most pitted, itchy, oily, and dandruff after use. Rejoice, too, loses her hair. Pantene is okay, but it's too easy to oil,...

Question: Will shampooing my hair without shampoo and only using Derby Show Conditioner will keep my hair healthy?

Answer: A: If you don't wash your face with shampoo and use conditioner directly, it's like starting to apply skin care products to your face without facial cleanser. For scalp cleaning, you can choose a shampoo without silicone oil. If you feel unreliable, it is best to buy two kinds of shampoo and use it instead, because the reason why the conditioner is softened is because the softening ingredients are added, and the softening ingredients are insoluble in water...

Question: Which conditioner is best to use?

Answer: Answer: Under normal circumstances, wash your hair after sun exposure. You should wait for the scalp and hair to cool down naturally before starting. The choice of conditioner should be suitable for your hair: hair in the hair structure of dry hair The scales have been damaged, which will cause the hair to lack water and oil, and in severe cases, it may become yellow, bifurcated, fragile and easily broken. Therefore, in hair care...

Question: Is Dikazhixiu Conditioner a Japanese brand?

Answer: A: Hair care and hair care is a big thing for us. Correct hair care steps/methods vinegar can help hair restore suppleness and control oil. Wet the hair with vinegar, rub it from the root to the tip for 2-3 minutes, and finally wash the hair, it can restore the softness of the hair, and it can also control the excessive secretion of oil. Honey and egg white mix is ​​the best for hair...  

Question: Which 8 kinds of plants are there in yellow bottle shampoo

Answer: Answer: Difaso Show Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Men's and Women's Suits Show model: Anti-dandruff oil control Bazhi essence moisturizing shampoo Place of origin: Mainland China Net content: Antidandruff oil control shampoo 200g Bazhi smooth...

Question: which brand of shampoo and conditioner used for smooth hair

Answer: Answer: Pantene, L'Oreal, and Dove are all good. Bee flower conditioner is economical and easy to use. It is made in China and is an old brand. You can also use the hair mask after using the conditioner. Watsons sells them, Pantene, L'Oreal, and Dove all have matching ones, and the effect is good.

Question: My hair is always dry and frizzy, what conditioner should I use?

Answer: A: The Internet celebrity conditioner, which has been popular for many years, although it is a hair mask, can be used as a conditioner. After shampooing, apply it to your hair for three minutes, and your hair will feel smooth after washing. It can repair the cuticles and completely solve the split ends and dryness caused by dry hair. Use 2-3 times a week depending on your hair condition...

Question: What conditioner is good for you?

Answer: Answer: My hair also grows to my waist. I will tell you that my own method is actually very simple. I use the cheapest conditioner such as Lafonta and Dihua Show, and apply the conditioner to my hair the night before washing my hair. I put the plastic wrap on it for one night and wash it off the next morning. It works very well. I wash my hair like this all the time. …

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