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Question: How much is Shoumei white tea in 2019?

Answer: Answer: The reference price of Shoumei white tea in 2019 is 210 yuan per catty, the price of first-grade Shoumei tea for 3 years is 350 yuan per catty, and the price of first-grade Shoumei tea for 7 years is 750 yuan a pound. The price of the second-grade Shoumei tea is 115 yuan per catty, the price of the three-year second-grade Shoumei tea is 200 yuan per catty, and the price of the seven-year second-grade Shoumei tea...

Question: What is the price of Fuding White Tea Shoumei? How to choose?

Answer: Answer: 3. After brewing Shoumei, the bottom of the leaf is uniform and soft. After being soaked in water, the Shoumei tea looks very bright, and the main vein of the leaf is red. 4. The taste and taste of the first-class Shoumei tea, the taste of the tea soup is mellow and refreshing, the aroma is fragrant, it feels particularly fresh, and has a unique sense of Yishuang.

Question: Is Laoshoumei white tea very expensive? What is the specific price?

Answer: Answer: The price of 1-year second-class Shoumei tea is 115 yuan per pound, the price of 3-year second-class Shoumei tea is 200 yuan per pound, and the price of 7-year second-class Shoumei tea is 410 yuan per pound; 1-year first-class Shoumei tea The price of tea is 210 yuan per catty, the price of 3-year first-grade Shoumei tea is 350 yuan per catty, and the price of 7-year first-grade Shoumei tea is 750 yuan per catty. Black and white longevity eyebrows, assuming...

Question: How to identify Fuding white tea and old white tea?

Answer: A: Good old white tea is more difficult to find, and it is even more difficult to store good old white tea. Therefore, when new tea lovers choose old white tea, try to avoid words such as organic wild tea in the mountains and wilderness, listen to less stories, and taste more. I hope every tea lover can find their favorite old white tea! The above text is described as Fuding White Tea Laoshoumei...

Question: How much is the longevity eyebrow of Fuding white tea cost-effective? Is there any recommendation?

Answer: A: Tea is worth every penny. It is recommended to buy or buy a product with a geographical indication. The price of Fuding white tea with geographical indication is generally around 100 yuan per cake. Some time ago, I bought the flagship store of Baichafu. One cake is 88 yuan. It also has a geographical indication. The quality is not bad. It is recommended that the landlord can try it!

Question: What is the role and efficacy of vintage white tea? What are the benefits of drinking old white tea?

Answer: A: Just like drinking tea, new white tea has a fresh and fragrant aroma, but why is old white tea so popular among tea lovers? Let's take a look: Know the old white tea: White tea, known as "one year tea, three years medicine, seven years treasure", generally means that white tea with "seven years" aging is a rare good tea, such as "Gongmei...

Question: What are the benefits of Shoumei Fuding white tea?

Answer: A: Streptococcus infection, pneumonia and other bacterial growth have a preventive effect. Its shape and buds are complete, the soup color is clear apricot yellow, the taste is light, sweet and refreshing. According to the different buds and leaves picked, white tea can be divided into: Baihao Yinzhen, white peony, Shoumei, new craft white tea, etc. In recent years, according to market needs, pressed white tea has been introduced.

Question: How to identify the authenticity of Fuding white tea cake

Answer: Answer: Fuding white tea belongs to Fujian white tea, which is unique in the region, natural in craftsmanship and unique in efficacy. Due to the different picking standards of tea tree varieties and raw materials (fresh leaves), the main varieties are divided into: Baihao Yinzhen, Bai Peony, Gongmei, and Shoumei. White tea is cool in nature, dispelling heat and reducing fire, dispelling summer heat and detoxifying. Research on white tea in European and American countries found that compared with other tea...

Question: How much does Fuding white tea cost?

Answer: Answer: Fuding White Tea Shoumei Tea Cake is made of 2019 one-bud and three-leaf Shoumei grade as raw material. The soup is amber in color, clear and translucent; the bottom of the leaves is even and soft, the fragrance is full and lasting, the sweetness is high, with the elegant and strong taste of the floral fragrance, and the obvious lotus leaf fragrance. Fuding...

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