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Question: The difference between liberation JH6 and J6P

Answer: Answer: 1. In terms of appearance: When the J6 was first launched, its relatively tough appearance made many card lovers feel unacceptable. As a result, it turns out that the Jiefang J6 is a very attractive model. Now this shape can be said to have become a classic. Moreover, it directly derived a series of family masks such as J6M/J6L/J6F, while the appearance of JH6 is more sturdy,...

Question: What is the difference between FAW Jiefang j6l and j6p- ask

Answer: Answer: Transmission: FAW Jiefang (9th, 10th, 12th gear) ZF (16th gear), Shaanxi gear (12th gear), Eaton (13th gear) Rear axle: 16 tons, 13 tons Beam Specifications: 300x8x8mm; 5mm; 300x80x8+8+5mm; 300x80x8+8+8+5mm [Abstract] What is the difference between FAW Jiefang j6l and j6p [...]

Question: How to sign no Jiefang J6P is the headquarters in Changchun

Answer: A: The last 7 digits of the chassis number can identify the origin. 1 is Changchun or Chengdu, A is Qingdao. The first letter of the model code can be distinguished. FAW Jiefang has two major production bases. One is Changchun and the other is Qingdao. The Qingdao base has a target of 300,000 taels this year. Last year, it produced 188,000 vehicles, so a substantial increase in the third quarter is expected. j6p460 quality discount version...

Question: Where is the frame number of Jiefang j6p

Answer: Answer: The position of the frame number of Jiefang j6 is at the fixed position of the left rear wheel frame on the left side of the body. Jiefang J6 is a commercial vehicle independently developed by FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. It has the characteristics of reliability, economy, power, safety and comfort. Power coverage...

Question: How to use the electric heating of the rearview mirror of the Jiefang J6 tractor

Answer: Answer: To turn on the electric heating of the rearview mirror of the Jiefang j6 tractor, you need to press the special rearview mirror heating switch in the car. The specific operation steps for using this function are as follows: 1. Press the brake pedal of the Jiefang j6 to prepare Start the engine. 2. Turn the car key of Jiefang j6 to the on position. 3. The instrument lights of Jiefang J6 are all on,...

Question: Where is the big frame number of Jiefang heavy goods truck?

Answer: Answer: The frame number of the truck can be found in these places: 1. The frame number printed by the coder can be found on the beam on the side of the passenger cab. As shown below 2. On the motor vehicle driving license, the new driving license generally prints the VIN code (chassis number) in the "frame number" column; 3. Other places: such as the insurance policy, various items in the engine room.. .

Question: How to lift the cab of a large truck

Answer: Answer: As follows: 1. Look behind the cab, the first bridge fender, there is a square plastic box on it. 2. There is a button on the top which is an electric switch, and there is a hydraulic switch under the box. 3. Turn the switch upward and then press the electric switch to lift the cab. For example: liberating j6 cab lift steps: open driving...

Question: Will the actual rail pressure of Jiefang j6p be seriously too low and affect the power?

Answer: Answer: The actual rail pressure is seriously too low, which affects the power. Check the oil pumping capacity of the high-pressure oil pump, the oil pressure sensor, wiring harness, and whether there is leakage in the oil return line. It will also have a great impact on your own safety. After something happens, the car cannot be used to protect you, so if it is installed on the vehicle, please remove it as soon as possible. if...

Question: What's the matter with the engine fault light of Jiefang J6?

Answer: Answer: Reasons why the engine fault light is on: 1. Sensor damage, poor contact or signal interruption; 2. Poor engine maintenance; 3. Poor fuel and oil quality; 4. Insufficient combustion of the mixture; 5. Spark plug failure, ignition coil Fault; 6. The fuel pump is faulty, the oil circuit is blocked; 7. The air conditioner filter element is blocked 1. The sensor problem; here...

Question: How to remove the liberation j6p seat - ask

Answer: Answer: After the front half is lifted, the left hand stretches under the side, and the right hand pushes the seat cushion toward the backrest. While pushing in a little, the second half can be lifted with the left hand. This action is also done once on the left and right sides. After going up 1 and 2 steps, the seat cushion will come down [Abstract] How to dismantle the J6p seat [Question] Hello first...  

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