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Question: Recommend a NVC lighting table lamp, dedicated to reading, to prevent glare and eye protection?

Answer: A: I immediately replaced the smart eye protection lamp (AAA grade natural full-spectrum desk lamp) from NVC Lighting at the recommendation of my friend. Compared with the previous old lights, it is much smaller and simpler, but the high-brightness LED light source is not inferior to the previous large light bulbs. You can also use the APP to adjust the brightness of the light to create a comfortable lighting atmosphere for work and study. My child...

Question: How about NVC's desk lamp? Did the sampling pass the inspection? I want to buy it for my children to study.

Answer: Answer: The LED desk lamp of NVC Lighting has a luminosity close to natural light, and it is comfortable for the eyes to watch for a long time, which is very suitable for children to study. Moreover, the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau randomly checked LED reading and writing table lamp products, among which the LED table lamps of NVC Lighting were randomly checked.

Question: May I ask how the quality of NVC is, is it reliable to choose this brand when buying a desk lamp?

Answer: A: The quality of NVC lamps is well-known, and you can buy them with confidence. I bought a NVC smart eye protection desk lamp for my children. It is a very good desk lamp. The illuminance is higher than the new national standard AA-level eye protection standard. It can sense ambient light and automatically adjust the brightness to suit...

Question: Table lamp country A and country AA, which one should be better

Answer: Answer: National AA is better. The difference between the national a and the national aa eye protection lamp is mainly due to the different brightness requirements. The national a-level requires the lamp to be at a distance of 1/3 of the radius from the center of the circle. The illuminance is more than 250LX in the fan-shaped area, and the same conditions The illuminance requirement of the national aa-level table lamp is above 300LX, if the illuminance is not enough,...

Question: What is the difference between aa and aaa eye protector?

Answer: A: How to choose a desk lamp? 1. As mentioned earlier, the illuminance level of table lamps under the current national standard is actually only divided into A-level and AA-level. A-level refers to the distance between the table lamp and the center of the circle within a third of the fan-shaped area of ​​50cm. The illuminance shall be above 250LX, and the uniformity shall not be greater than or equal to 3. AA level means...

Question: What are the top ten brands of children's eye protection lamps?

Answer: Answer: 2. Opple (China Famous Trademark, High-tech Enterprise, Guangdong Famous Brand, Guangdong Famous Trademark, One of China's Most Valuable Brands, Zhongshan Opple Lighting Co., Ltd.) 3. NVC Lighting (China Famous Trademark, Guangdong famous trademark, listed company, one of the most competitive brands in China's lighting industry, Huizhou NVC...

Question: Are you going to buy an eye protection desk lamp for your child, which one would you choose?

Answer: Answer: Three, summary. You can take your child to some furniture stores near your home to help your child buy eye protection lamps. Eye protection lamps are generally used by children when they are playing with mobile phones or studying at night, so we must buy some for children. eye protection lamp. The eye protection lamp can be larger, in this case, it can also be...

Question: What does the national AAA grade table lamp mean?

Answer: Answer: The national AA-level illumination is above 500lx. Although the A-level table lamp also meets the national standard, from the perspective of eye health, it is best to choose the national AA-level eye protection lamp, but the national AA-level eye protection lamp is relatively more expensive. According to the relevant requirements of architectural interior lighting design standards, the illuminance of table lamps is required to be above 500lx.

Question: Is it necessary for children to use desk lamps (eye protection lamps) for learning?

Answer: A: In addition, there are many excellent and practical functions, which are very good for lighting comfort and experience. 2. NVC Dyeing Desk Lamp NVC Dyeing AAA grade full spectrum non-stroboscopic eye protection desk lamp, using the most suitable for reading 4000K color temperature without blue light and stroboscopic high specification LED chip, the appearance is made of aluminum alloy and milky white acrylic panel.. .

Question: Are children's eye protection lamps useful?

Answer: A: 120-degree wide-angle wide-field lighting illuminates a 1.3-meter large desktop. National AA-level eye protection, hand wave sensor switch light, more accurate and more convenient. Ra95 high color rendering index, restore true color. RG0 blue light exempt lighting, reduce the harm of blue light to the eyes, and protect children's vision from being affected. 3. Huawei Smart Choice Darren Desk Lamp 2i Huawei Smart Choice...

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