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Question: How much does a real wild Gastrodia sell for a pound?

Answer: A: The real wild Gastrodia elata costs 600 to 800 yuan per catty. Gastrodia Cultivation Technology Gastrodia is distributed in Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei, Shaanxi, Gansu, Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other places. Now more artificial cultivation. Propagation methods: ⑴ tuber propagation: winter or spring planting. The inoculation rate of Gastrodia elata in winter is high, the growth is fast, and the time is...

Question: What is the price of Tianma

Answer: Answer: The price of Gastrodia elata varies greatly depending on whether it is wild, whether it is real Gastrodia elata, spring hemp, winter hemp, etc. Now wild Gastrodia is very, very rare. I went to several famous pharmacies in Chunxi, Chengdu in March, and the shopping guide told me directly that there are very few pure wild Gastrodia (without human factors...

Question: How much can one pound of wild Gastrodia do? Thank you

Answer: Answer: Spring Ma 5:1 is very good. This kind of ratio is still large and the dense ring is very dense. It is about 200 grams fresh, and five jin will dry one jin. If the dense ring is not dense, it is still hanging. Taobao "Green Neighbor" Shop to see, is pure wild gastrodia. In winter, hemp 4:1 is still reluctant.

Question: How to eat wild gastrodia

Answer: Answer: Suggestions: Wild Gastrodia Origin: Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Nature and flavor: Gan Ping It can be fried fish head or stewed pigeon, steamed pig brain, or mixed with Gastrodia elata to treat headache...

Question: How to Pick Gastrodia

Answer: Answer: 1. Fresh Gastrodia: Variety selection (currently artificially planted are mainly Wu Tianma, Huang Tianma, Wuhong hybrid Tianma), in terms of quality and reputation, Wu Tianma is the best (remember that Wu Tianma is generally only available in Zhaotong); selection of appearance , It is better to have no black spots and other diseases in appearance, big head and small tail, wide shoulders and short body. 2. Dried Gastrodia: the varieties are as above,...

Question: How to cut dry Gastrodia into slices at home?

Answer: Answer: Generally, it can be softened and sliced ​​by steaming on low heat for half an hour, or you can go to the drugstore medicine cutting machine to cut it well and quickly. The method of taking Gastrodia in daily life is generally to grind Gastrodia into a fine powder and take it with warm water, 1 gram to 1.5 grams each time. It can also be stewed, sliced ​​into thin slices of Gastrodia elata, alone or in combination with other nourishing foods, with...

Question: How to see whether Tianma is good or bad

Answer: Answer: Distinguishing skills of good and bad Gastrodia elata: The appearance is oval, slightly flat, and the middle is curved, which is often referred to as short and full. The surface is gray-yellow or light brown, with longitudinal wrinkles and fine lines, commonly known as "ginger skin-like". There are obvious brown-black dot-shaped links, which are commonly known as "sesame dots". Gastrodia elata is long, round, flat and slightly curved, with more than ten circles of dotted rings;...

Question: How much is a pound of fresh gastrodia?

Answer: A: According to the market in 2019, the price of wild Gastrodia elata is more than 460 yuan per pound in the market, and the price of home-grown Gastrodia elata is about 180 yuan per pound. Tianma likes a cool and humid environment, and is afraid of freezing, drought, high temperature, and stagnant water. Gastrodia elata has no roots, no green leaves, and the 2-year life cycle from seed to seed is about 70d except for the sexual period...

Question: How much is a pound of Gastrodia

Answer: Answer: The price of home-grown Gastrodia is generally between 16 yuan and 40 yuan per kilogram. The wild spring hemp is fresh at 180/catties, and the winter hemp is at least 220/catties. Wild Gastrodia is becoming less and less, so this price is only conservative. 's estimate.

Question: Where can I buy authentic Tianma in Chengdu? Thank you

Answer: A: That friend is right, but my mother has an old problem with headaches. I heard that Gastrodia is very effective in treating headaches. I am in Chengdu. Does anyone know where I can buy more authentic Gastrodia in Chengdu? Major pharmacies? Thank you~~~・I don't need a lot, I know... That friend is right, but my mother has an old problem with headaches. I heard that...

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