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Question: BMW special fuel treasure

Answer: Answer: 01 sold: 1 piece of Happy Running BMW special gasoline fuel additive carbon deposit cleaning BASF stock solution original fuel treasure 61.1 sold: 67 pieces of 4s original BMW Happy Running gasoline additive BMW special fuel additive fuel treasure 6 bottles of 60 sold: 50pcs BMW BMW Fuel Additive MINI Special Fuel Po...

Question: What are BASF fuel additives?

Answer: A: It is an additive, also called fuel oil, which can clean the carbon deposits in the oil circuit and has a good effect. The company has a BASF fuel additive for 5,000 kilometers. You can use one

Question: What series of BASF fuel treasure

Answer: A: BASF Fuel Oil is a series of products to remove carbon deposits. Fuel treasure (also known as gasoline detergent, fuel additive) is a kind of vehicle chemical, and it is also a common name for the third-generation gasoline detergent. Its function is to solve the problem of carbon deposition in the fuel system of EFI models, quickly restore the best working condition of the engine, and make up for the defects of gasoline in certain properties...

Question: What is the principle of the fuel treasure to remove carbon deposits, and is it effective?

Answer: A: Gasoline additives are indeed environmentally friendly and can clean carbon deposits. However, it must be added correctly and at the right time. Improper use of anything will cause side effects, so you must choose according to your real needs to achieve the best results. I want to say that this thing is useless, gasoline itself contains various additives, and 92# 95# 98...

Question: Fuel additive brand ranking?

Answer: Answer: 1. Pustone high-efficiency gasoline additive 2. Chepu fuel treasure gasoline additive 3. Goodway fuel treasure gasoline additive 4. BASF stock solution G17 gasoline additive 5. Chevron Tejin TCP gasoline additive 6.C5C genuine fuel treasure Gasoline additive 7.3m fuel treasure in addition to carbon deposition gasoline additive 8. Fanxiang diesel gasoline additive 9. Libi...

Question: Is 5 sticks of BASF stock solution carbon deposit removal fuel treasure easy to use?

Answer: A: The first thing to say is that carbon deposition is an inevitable phenomenon during engine operation, especially for direct injection engines and supercharged engines. The structure of the direct fuel injection system will aggravate the generation of carbon deposition, resulting in a drop in engine power. , increased fuel consumption and other issues, so the regular use of maintenance-free additives is essential for the engine. remove...

Question: What are the main components of the fuel treasure? Is it harmful to the vehicle to use the fuel treasure frequently?

Answer: A: Now, the fuel additives available in China are used to use four classes of plasma items, and then add some other ingredients. The producers of the four stock solutions are: BASF, Lubrizil, Verton, Averton. Among them, in addition to BASF is from Germany, the other three companies are from the United States. Do you need to add fuel treasure? need...

Question: What brand of fuel additives should BMW use?

Answer: A: The problem of poor power has been properly solved. . I don't have much research on the brands of fuel additives, but it is better to choose Winchi for BMW fuel additives, because the original BMW fuel additives are from Winchi. I think they can meet the requirements of luxury car manufacturers like BMW. Certainly not ordinary. "...

Question: Can fuel treasure really remove carbon deposits?

Answer: A: Fuel treasure can remove carbon deposits. Fuel Treasure is a common name for fuel additives (also known as gasoline additives or fuel additives), which is to make up for the defects of gasoline in certain properties and give gasoline some new excellent characteristics. Octane rating, improved atomization, reduced wear, engine protection and more...

Question: The controversial fuel treasure, what is the effect of removing carbon deposits?

Answer: A: The business opportunity stems from the fear of carbon deposits among the majority of riders. Because of this, various fuel additives have emerged in an endless stream in recent years, and riders have also used them as panacea for long-term use. Bao) Does it work? And is it accurate to say that carbon deposition is the root of all evil, and is it like...

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