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Question: Which brand of simple wardrobe is good? Analysis of five major brands!

Answer: A: However, some netizens think that the best canvas is Oxford cloth and polyester cotton. Polyester cotton is also divided into glue and thickening. The cheapest is non-woven fabric. Generally, non-woven fabrics are aged for more than a year and break when poked by hand. Because the price is cheap, it is basically used in the simple wardrobe of dozens of steel pipes. The quality is relatively poor. Now there is a cover...

Question: Do you have any recommendations for a simple wardrobe that is easy to use and sturdy?

Answer: A: The Defender's simple cloth wardrobe is completely designed with a sealed zipper, and there is a layer of cloth underneath to prevent dust from entering, and at the same time to ensure that the clothes are clean and hygienic. At the same time, the top of the cloth cover of the cloth wardrobe adopts bi-metal ventilation holes, so that all your clothes can breathe freely, keep the clothes clean as new, the taste is still fresh and pleasant, and the natural atmosphere is maintained...

Question: The newly bought Oxford cloth wardrobe cover has too much smell, how can I get rid of the smell?

Answer: Answer: 1. To quickly remove the peculiar smell of the residual wardrobe with citric acid, you can soak a cotton ball with citric acid and hang it inside the wardrobe or in furniture such as bookcases. 2. Air freshener Air freshener is a commonly used method to remove odors. You can go to the supermarket to choose some high-tech deodorant cleaners.

Question: How to install a simple cloth wardrobe

Answer: Answer: The simple cloth wardrobe is a kind of simple wardrobe in the assembled furniture. The cabinet is made of non-woven fabric or Oxford cloth instead of the wooden board of the traditional wardrobe. The internal practical steel pipe support is light and easy to move. It is beautiful and practical, cheap and easy to carry. It is especially suitable for renters or students to use in the dormitory. 1. Install the equipment to buy...

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