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Question: Our company needs to buy disposable paper cups and print our company's own LOGO on it!

Answer: Answer: That's easy to say: first call the manufacturer of paper cups to buy how many paper cups, get the manufacturer's consent to your requirements, and then tell the manufacturer to print your company's own LOGO.

Question: How much is the market price of disposable paper cups

Answer: A: If the disposable paper cup is purely a paper cup without a LOGO, it should be about 10 cents. 1 The cost of the cup wall is 0.023 based on the (9 ounce) beverage cup, 170g/m2 paper, 6200 yuan per ton, plus shipping 2 Punching fee 0.0005 (the scraps from the paper punching can offset the punching and electricity costs )3 printing fee 0.001...

Question: Which manufacturer is the best for disposable paper cups?

Answer: A: I don't know about other places, but the Xingchen Paper Cup Factory in Jiangxi Province has good paper cups.

Question: How to spray code on disposable paper cups What are the benefits of spraying code on paper cups?

Answer: A: The product paper cup can be inkjet printer! What are the benefits of using an inkjet printer? 1. A clear production date and an ambiguous production date, after consumers encounter both at the same time, do they choose the former without hesitation? It is conceivable that consumers only agree with clear and accurate logos, clear logos...

Question: How to customize paper cups with their corporate LOGO for companies?

Answer: A: Printing is done before making paper cups. Reference: www.yubazhiye.com

Question: What types of disposable paper cups are there?

Answer: A: The single-layer paper cup is one of the disposable paper cups. It is also called the single-sided coated paper cup. It is the single-layer cup with a smooth PE coating on the inner layer of the paper cup. It is generally used to hold drinking water, which is convenient for people to drink. . 2. The raw materials are made of food-grade wood pulp paper + food-grade PE film. Fourth, double-layer cups Double-layer paper cups, as the name suggests, are...

Question: How many ml of disposable paper cups for household use?

Answer: A: The capacity of disposable paper cups is determined by the specifications of the paper cups. The capacity and specifications of disposable paper cups circulating in the market are as follows: 1, 60ml, 50×35×50. 2, 80ml, 55×40×57. 3, 110ml, 68×49×58. 4, 160ml, 66 × 47 × 74. 5, 180 ml, 70 × 49 × 78. 6, 200...

Question: Does Deli sell disposable paper cups?

Answer: Answer: Deli 280ml disposable cup paper cup/water cup kraft paper outer layer double-layer thickened VIP reception with 50 packs

Question: Which paper cup is the best quality?

Answer: A: Yanglong Paper Cup is a professional manufacturer of disposable environmentally friendly paper product containers. The main products are paper cups, paper bowls, disposable paper cups, coffee paper cups, soy milk paper cups and other related products.

Question: What is the capacity and size of custom disposable paper cups

Answer: Answer: For enterprises, it is a good carrier for corporate publicity. It can enhance the corporate image, demonstrate corporate strength, bring you huge potential customers and improve corporate competitiveness. Generally speaking, the most commonly used disposable paper cups have a capacity of 250ml , the specification is 9 oz. Nowadays, disposable paper cups are more and more widely used. At first, paper cups were only used to hold water...

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