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Question: Huawei WatchFit2 released, what are the advantages of this watch?

Answer: A: Huawei WatchFit2 is released. The advantages of this watch are as follows. 1. The color matching is rich and easy to wear. WATCHFIT2 continues the youthful fashion gene of FIT in the shape design. In terms of style, Huawei still adheres to the "full scene" design concept, and uses rich color matching to meet the needs of different occasions. This time, it launched a variety of colors...

Question: Huawei WatchFit2 released, what are the highlights and shortcomings?

Answer: A: And the appearance of the Huawei watch is also designed with an excellent crown, and this design is also made of stainless steel. The appearance looks very high-end and high-grade. The diameter of the watch is also 45 mm, so this watch is also suitable for men to wear. And the strap of this watch is also...

Question: What are the advantages of Huawei fluororubber straps?

Answer: A: After a period of pre-sale of the Huawei WATCH FIT elegant watch strap, the Huawei WATCH FIT elegant watch will be officially sold for the first time at 10 am on April 8, 2021, with a price of 949 yuan. Different from other styles of WATCH FIT, the elegant model has added two new colors of frost white and magic night black, with high-end stainless steel case and skin-friendly fluororubber...

Question: Low price, good quality Huawei watch fit watch strap, where to buy?

Answer: A: Looking for a watch strap for Huawei watch fit, it is recommended to choose the brand Canghua. Lightweight, breathable and comfortable, the strap body is breathable.

Question: huawei watch fit

Answer: A: Huawei watch fit generally refers to HUAWEI WATCH FIT. HUAWEI WATCH FIT is a smartwatch product released by Huawei on December 23, 2020. HUAWEI WATCH FIT is equipped with a 1.64-inch square screen, covered with 2.5D curved glass, with a resolution of 280*456, 326ppi, and a screen ratio of 70%. HUAWEI WATCH...

Question: Is Huawei watch2 waterproof?

Answer: A: Huawei watch2 watch is waterproof. The waterproof and dustproof grade is IP68. IP68 is the highest level of waterproof rating standard for connectors. To see how the waterproof performance of the waterproof connector is, it mainly depends on the two digits XX after the IPXX. The first X is from 0 to 6, and the highest level is 6; the second X is from 0 to 8, and the highest level is 8; therefore, the connection device's...

Question: Which Huawei watch is better?

Answer: A: OS), and then introduce the self-developed LiteOS system on recent devices. What Huawei smartwatches will bring is not anxiety about health information, but services based on professional medical institutions. More sporty and healthier will build a one-stop health experience. The above content reference: Baidu Encyclopedia - Huawei WATCH 3 Pro...

Question: How many models of Huawei card watch?

Answer: A: This watch has SIM independent virtual card 4G high-definition card calls, GPS positioning, GT2 Porsche limited, sapphire glass, two-week battery life, more than 100 sports modes and other features. 2, Huawei Watch Fit smart watch This smart watch has heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, exercise monitoring, 50 meters waterproof and other features. and also...

Question: Huawei watchfit function

Answer: Answer: 2. Features 1. More sports functions In addition to nearly 100 built-in sports modes, Huawei WatchFit also adds a personal training video demonstration function on the wrist, which can provide professional fitness courses for sports beginners. Equipped with 6-axis IMU sensor, optical heart rate sensor, GPS sensor, support 5ATM waterproof, AI heart rate algorithm and Bluetooth 5.0,...

Question: Does huawei watchfit elegant version support nfc-how to add huawei watchfit nfc traffic card

Answer: A: Many people buy smart watches to monitor their health status in real time, and sometimes smart watches are easier to operate than smart phones. For example, if they have the nfc function, they can be used instead of traffic cards and access cards, which is very convenient. So does the WATCH FIT elegant version support the nfc function? 1. Does the Huawei watch fit elegant version support nfc...

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