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Question: Indoor marriage proposal creative layout, how to give a surprise in a low-key romance

Answer: Answer: Creative idea for indoor marriage proposal: Poker marriage proposal This creative idea is suitable for KTV and home parties. Besides going to KTV to sing and sing, the daily pastime is to invite three or five friends to play at home. When you're bored, a couple of friends play poker together, which is an unexpected surprise idea. Get a deck of playing cards customized with your girlfriend's photo...

Question: How to arrange the marriage proposal scene

Answer: A: When my girlfriend came to my house, I blindfolded her and went into the ocean of balloons. When she opened her eyes, I immediately turned on all the lights in the room. She was stunned for a few seconds and exclaimed that I was not there. Dream it. Haha, fool, it was a happy dream. Then we hugged, kissed, and finally she took out her phone and made this romantic confession scene...

Question: Want to propose on your girlfriend's birthday, how to do it more romantically?

Answer: A: Naturally, the help of good friends is needed. The presence of good friends can not only surprise the girl when proposing, but also make the atmosphere of the scene more lively. The marriage proposal should not be a temporary thought, it should have been planned for a long time. If you're thinking of proposing on your girlfriend's birthday, be prepared before that,...  

Question: 15 of the most romantic ways to propose

Answer: A: 10. Why not give her the best birthday present and surprise for her birthday proposal? On her birthday, put yourself in a gift box, give it to your dearest, and ask her to marry you, it will be the best birthday ever. 11. Proposal on the radio In the fixed time period she listens to, make a bold confession to her on the radio and ask her to accompany you...

Question: How to make a surprise for your girlfriend's birthday

Answer: A: For girls, there is nothing happier than having a birthday surprise. Of course, surprises need to be planned and prepared in advance. How to give your girlfriend a special birthday surprise on her birthday? You may wish to refer to the most special birthday surprise ideas for your girlfriend compiled by Xiaobian. Tell Love Proposal Planning in Female...

Question: How to propose and arrange romantic scenes on KTV?

Answer: A: Of course, without your girlfriend's knowledge, you can first express your confession by singing, let her indulge in your singing, and then let the proposal props appear. This is the real big surprise. Ktv marriage proposal: How to make a marriage proposal with the help of relatives and friends can be successful, this is a matter of benevolent people's opinions, and smart people will...

Question: What is a good present for your girlfriend's birthday?

Answer: A: To decorate the room beautifully, surprise your girlfriend. The premise is that you must know your girlfriend very well, and you must know roughly what the layout of her ideal room looks like. You can add some elements that she usually likes. Put some more flowers, girls will like flowers more. You can also put some pretty pictures of her to represent you...

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