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Question: Which is the best body odor removal product sold online?

Answer: Answer: The axillary dew from Baiyun Mountain is also good for removing odor, but the antiperspirant effect is not good. Guangyao Baiyunshan axillary dew to remove body odor and underarm odor spray antiperspirant deodorant underarm deodorant men and women universal net flavor water fragrance body fluid non-eradication. Body odor is caused by clogged sweat glands in the armpits, hindering skin respiration and bacterial growth. Use the human body deodorant that has the function of clearing and cleaning sweat glands...

Question: How about the Baiyun Mountain axillary dew promoted by Douyin

Answer: Answer: The defects of conventional treatment methods for underarm odor, surgical treatment of underarm odor is less traumatic, but because only the apocrine sweat glands can be removed. The eccrine sweat glands cannot be completely removed, so it is easy to repeat. For the treatment of underarm odor with topical drugs, many of them use fragrance to cover the odor. They do not start from the cause of underarm odor at all, but can only relieve the symptoms. Or some patients have no effect. If you can find a way to make big and small sweat at the same time...

Question: What is the best treatment for body odor?

Answer: Answer: Hello; the principle of body odor is that the gap between the cells in the apocrine duct wall of the armpit is too large, which leads to the excretion of some fatty acids from the body, and produces odorous unsaturated fatty acids after interacting with bacteria. The removal of body odor is to avoid the discharge of fatty acids. Common surgical methods, and topical product methods. Surgery is to remove the apocrine tissue to avoid...

Question: How did body odor come from? Why did it appear suddenly?

Answer: A: What is the cause of body odor? Generally speaking, there are two types of sweat glands, one is the exocrine glands, also known as eccrine glands, which are distributed throughout the body and secrete 99% of water and 0.5% of salt. The other is the apocrine gland, also known as the apocrine gland, which is located in the dermis of the skin, opens at the root of the hair, and is only distributed in the armpit or genitals and eyebrows. It secretes a thicker liquid containing...

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