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Question: How to change the watch strap of Huawei band 6pro

Answer: A: When disassembling the watch band, please carefully remove the quick release plug on the back of the watch band, and then separate the watch band from the watch body. Using the reverse operation, a new strap can be installed. When installing the watch strap, please fasten the watch strap and watch body tightly before inserting the quick release plug. Method 1 to remove the strap: Take out the quick-release plug on the back of the strap, pull down the strap to...

Question: Can the strap of Huawei Band 6 be used for Huawei Band 4?

Answer: Answer: The strap structure and size of Huawei Band 3 are inconsistent with those of Honor Band 4 and cannot be used universally.

Question: I bought a Honor Band 5 NFC version, and now I want to change the strap, I want to ask about the watches of Honor Band 4 and 5...

Answer: A: It should be possible. I saw someone asked this question on Huawei's official website, and the customer service replied that it was OK. There are universal strap links on JD.com and Taobao, among which the straps of Huawei Honor 4 and 5 are the same.

Question: Huawei Band 4pro vs Honor Band 6

Answer: A: Note: The one-touch dial is only supported by the NFC version of the Honor Band 6 paired with domestic Huawei/Honor mobile phones with EMUI 10.0 and above that have NFC capabilities. 3. 24-hour heart rate monitoring, heart rate too high / too low reminder machine interaction, convenient control. ● Based on HUAWEI TruSeenTM 4.0 all-weather accurate heart rate monitoring, after long-term technical...

Question: Can the watch strap of Honor Band 5 be replaced with that of Honor Band 4?

Answer: A: Hello, yes.

Question: How to change the watch strap of Honor Band 6

Answer: A: Just a few days ago, I also bought a bracelet and gave the leather strap as a gift. In fact, if you are strong enough to do it yourself, it is still very simple to replace, but you need special tools, and the ends of the lugs are flexible Yes, use a sharp object to clamp the spiral parts on both sides, and then gently remove the lugs. ...

Question: Is Huawei Band 6pro worth buying?

Answer: A: 1. Leading the new fashion of full-screen bracelet design The newly launched Huawei Band 6 Pro is upgraded on the basis of the Band 6. Appearance, reinforced polymer fiber and NCVM metal texture spray, light and delicate, the newly designed magic night black and mica gray color matching, elegant and versatile, easy to deal with various occasions. In order to achieve a full screen, Huawei Band...

Question: The difference between huawei band 6pro and 6

Answer: Answer: 3. Version: Huawei Band 6pro (nfc support) has only one version, while Huawei Band 6 has two versions, the nfc version and the standard version (nfc is not supported). 4. Function: Both Huawei Band 6pro and 6 support time alarm clock, caller information reminder, sedentary reminder, exercise monitoring, step counting, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen detection,...

Question: Huawei Band 4 has the same strap as which bracelets!

Answer: A: The strap width and strap length of Honor Band 4 and Honor Band 5 are the same. In theory, except for the motherboard, it is all universal.

Question: Comparison between Huawei Band 4Pro and Honor Band 5?

Answer: Answer: According to the Huawei Band 3pro I used before, the subsequent 4pro also has increased functions. Its material is slightly better than the Honor Band 5nfc version, and it has one more gps than the Honor Band 5nfc version. The accuracy of the sleep recording of the Huawei Band 3pro is slightly better than that of the Honor Band 5, because the main body of the Huawei Band 3pro...

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