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Question: What brands of tea sets are there?

Answer: Answer: Tea sets can be divided into several types according to materials, such as purple sand, Ru kiln, ice crack, Ge kiln, Ding kiln, jade porcelain, blue and white, Linglong porcelain, etc. According to the use, they can be divided into office tea sets, household tea sets, and business ceremony tea sets. The tea trays can be divided according to the material: solid wood tea trays, Kemu tea trays, bamboo tea trays, ebony tea trays, stone trays, etc., and can be divided into household tea trays, ...

Question: Picture price of tea tray

Answer: Answer: Zhengpin purple sand induction cooker solid wood tea tray ZKCPCJTZ1 reference price: 2056.00 yuan/set Zhengpin cypress wood tea tray induction cooker TZ-BJYS052K3 reference price: 658.00 yuan/set Zhengpin black purple sand tea set single stove tea tray 140506-575DYPG reference price: 716.00 yuan/set Zhengpin Pin cypress wood tea tray Ru kiln small Ji pot tea set...

Question: What tea sets are included in the tea set?

Answer: A: All appliances are a set of four in total. The second specification of Kung Fu tea set mainly includes: six cups, six gentlemen solid wood tea ceremony, six well coasters, one teapot, one tea sea, two peeing dolls (tea pet, random style), one tea towel, A wooden pot pen, a dual-stove induction cooker, a sterilizer, a burner...

Question: What are included in the purple clay pot tea set, and what is the function of each?

Answer: Answer: (1) Tea tray: a tray that carries all the tea sets, which is easy to carry. (2) Tea cups: There are two types, high tea cups are used to smell tea, and low tea cups are used to taste tea. (3) Tea cup holder: From the perspective of hygiene, after pouring the brewed tea into the cup, use the tea cup holder to hand the tea cup to the guests. (4) Teapot: A tool for making tea, not...

Question: What brand of kung fu tea set is good

Answer: Answer: What brand of kung fu tea set is good for tea trays, wood, stone, sand, porcelain, simple combination, buy combination (tea tray and water boiler) grade or buy solid wood (such as ebony, but the north is afraid of cracking), purple sand can be raised, (But it's really not easy to buy purple sand) The stone carving is also good (that is, the drainage effect is a little worse) Tea set, I personally recommend you, buy one...

Question: How to choose solid wood kung fu tea tray daily maintenance tips

Answer: A: The selection of materials is wide, gold, wood, bamboo and pottery are all available. The metal tea tray is the most convenient and durable, and the bamboo tea tray is the most elegant and affordable. In addition, there are sandalwood and mahogany tea trays, such as green sandalwood and ebony tea trays. 2. How to buy solid wood tea trays

Question: What kind of material is the kung fu tea set?

Answer: A: Based on its strong practicability, as well as its bright and bright materials, and its affordable price, ceramic tea sets have become the most popular kung fu tea sets. 2. Zisha Kung Fu tea set The Zisha Kung Fu tea set is made of a porous material with a double pore structure, which has fine pores, high density and strong adsorption. Used to make tea, not only...

Question: How to choose a tea set?

Answer: Answer: rough pottery, imitation Ru kiln, purple sand and so on. When choosing the shape of the tea cup, there are many kinds of cup shapes, you can choose according to your favorite. The inner ring cup will be more hot. 4. Selection of other accessories Other accessories, such as tea pets, tea washers, cup holders, coasters, tea rules, and tea lotuses, can be added according to personal preferences.

Question: What are the tea sets

Answer: Answer: A simple tea set includes teapot, justice, and tea tasting cup. The more particular ones are 1. Tea lotus, used for dry tea, 2. Smell cup, ask about the aroma of tea after brewing, 3. Zisha pot, 4. Justice cup , for tea, 5, tea towel, 6, tea residue bucket, 7, water boiler, 8, tea tray, 9, tea then, 10, tea needle, 11, tea knife...

Question: Is the induction cooker tea set and tea tray set any good? What are the features and prices

Answer: Answer: 3. Zuoer Zisha Ice-Cracked Tea Set Set Four-in-One Induction Cooker Solid Wood Tea Tray Kung Fu Tea Sea Tea Set Gift - 88 yuan/set; 4. Factory direct sales of high-end boutique tea set hand-painted ceramic tea set, a clean tea tray set with electricity - 358 yuan/piece; 5. Ceramic gift set purple sand tea tray tea set four-in-one induction cooker Xiangyun tea tray solid wood ebony - 165 yuan...

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