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Question: What kind of medicine is used for body odor, is Shuyouge easy to use?

Answer: Answer: 1. Use 50 grams of peach leaves and 50 grams of pumpkin leaves, smash and apply to the affected area, 2-4 times a day. 2. Rub with clean sliced ​​ginger, 2 times a day, rub on both armpits for about 5 minutes each time. 3. After frying the salt, put it into a gauze bag, tie it while it is still hot, and rub the armpits repeatedly for about 5 minutes, once a day for 5 days.

Question: The armpit smells bad, can I use some antiperspirant or deodorant products?

Answer: Answer: Yes

Question: How to cure body odor. Recommend some spray or something?

Answer: Answer: External use of 20% aluminum chloride anhydrous ethanol solution can deodorize by inhibiting sweat secretion. Deodorants such as zinc oxide nylon powder, underarm odor powder, etc. Injection of botulinum toxin type A under the armpit is effective for underarm odor, but the principle is mainly to target the secretion of the eccrine glands, reduce the secretion of sweat, and then achieve the purpose of deodorization. Indication...

Question: How to get rid of underarm odor

Answer: Answer: If you have body odor in your armpits, you can take a bath every day, use antiperspirant, wear loose clothes, relax your mind, etc. 1. Take a bath every day. People with underarm body odor should take a bath every day in summer, and three or four times a week in winter. Keeping the whole body clean, especially the armpits, is one of the ways to reduce body odor...

Question: The best treatment for body odor, how to get rid of body odor

Answer: Answer: Babies with peculiar smell and body odor in their armpits can try these tips! 1. Wash the ginger with fresh ginger juice and then mash it, then twist it with gauze and apply its juice to the armpit several times a day. Help remove body odor 2 Take a piece of gauze dampened with water and sprinkle some baking soda powder evenly on the armpits or put a suitable amount of baking soda in the bath water...

Question: What kind of medicine to remove body odor works fast and is sold in general pharmacies

Answer: Answer: Although body odor is very stubborn, but with careful care in daily life, the body odor will also be significantly reduced. Experts recommend that patients with body odor take care of their skin in this way. If you are still feeling unhappy with body odor, take five minutes to read the following content carefully. Oh. 1. Keep the armpits clean and dry, develop a good habit of bathing every day,...

Question: Which brand of body odor product is good and which brand of body odor medicine is good

Answer: A: Let’s first understand how body odor is produced? Scientific discovery; body odor, also known as underarm odor, stinky sweat syndrome, etc., is the sweat excreted by the apocrine glands (also known as apocrine glands) in the patient's armpits, vulva, corners of the mouth, etc. The fatty acid is higher than ordinary people, and it is pale yellow and thicker Thick; fatty acids reach a certain concentration, through the bacteria on the skin surface, ...

Question: Is it useful to use antiperspirant for body odor, can it be completely eradicated?

Answer: Answer: It is "body odor thick jacket hot, hot jacket thick stinky fox". Then the problem comes, what to do about body odor? How to solve it The human body absorbs odors and excretes them with sweat...

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