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Question: Do you have any recommended building blocks for children, how about Bruco?

Answer: A: Bruker is a big brand in building blocks. You can trust Bruker, an expert in children's building blocks. Born in 2015, it is a building block brand under the Bruker Group. [1] Blue can transliterate the English block of the building blocks, and also cooperates with the three protagonists Bubu, Lu...

Question: Recently, I saw a Bruco large particle building block. It looks good. I am struggling to buy Lego or Bruco. Can...

Answer: Answer: Bruco's large-particle building blocks are more suitable for children aged 0-6. This large-particle design is safer for babies, while small-particle toys like Lego are more suitable for older children. Play, which one you choose depends on your baby's specific age. Hope my advice helps you...

Question: Seeing that Bruco building blocks are particularly popular with children, is the quality of his building blocks very good?

Answer: A: His building blocks are really popular with children. I saw them occasionally when I took my daughter to the mall. When she saw other children playing, she asked me to bring Brooke home. I thought it would be very soon. It will be abandoned, I didn't expect to still play every day, and there is no wear and tear.

Question: How about Bruco Kids Blocks?

Answer: Answer: It is not as complicated as Lego, nor is it as simple as Qiaohu. It has a certain degree of difficulty and a certain gradient, and the building blocks are all round, which will not hurt the child. You can safely let the child play slowly. My children also use their own built cars to make up stories, which is quite interesting~

Question: What is Bruco Block Toys Puzzle Tutorial?

Answer: Answer: Tools and materials are required: small particle building blocks 1. First, prepare these building blocks in the picture below. 2. First take a black brick and insert it on the green board. 3. Insert the grass in the lower left corner of the green version. 4. Insert the remaining two black bricks on the first black brick as the legs of the red-crowned crane. 5. Insert the white back-slope brick on the black brick. 6...

Question: Are there any advantages to Bruco Group's building blocks over other building blocks?

Answer: A: It can stimulate children's imagination and creativity, and do not miss every golden period of children's intellectual development. In addition, the large particles, easy to build and rounded features of Bruco building blocks can also make children safer when playing games. Bruco can also spell a variety of shapes to exercise children's creativity and imagination!

Question: Is this building block reliable?

Answer: A: The two babies in the family have also bought several sets of Bruco building blocks, as well as the products of the Variety series. Both babies like it very much. Moreover, the building blocks have no peculiar smell when they are bought, and the bite degree is moderate, so there is no need to worry about not twisting them, and the rounded edges can also prevent scratches. I also let the children play with confidence and boldness.

Question: How is the quality of Bruco children's building blocks?

Answer: Answer: Bruco's building blocks are all environmentally friendly materials, and the building blocks are brightly colored, large in size, easy to build, rounded corners, not hurting hands, workmanship is good, oh yes, the texture is also very good, the plastics are very thick, There is no such light and fluffy texture, it will not be too tight to cause the baby to twist, and it will not be too loose to cause it to fall apart easily...

Question: Is it appropriate to send Bruco children's building blocks to 2-year-old children during the Spring Festival?

Answer: A: This brand of toys is suitable for children aged 0 to 3 years. It can develop children's brain intelligence and allow children to have a preliminary understanding of the shape and color of objects. Therefore, this building block toy is very suitable for developing children's intelligence and has a very positive role in promoting brain development. It is very suitable for 2-year-old children!

Question: Learn which series of Bruco children's building blocks are more fun?

Answer: Answer: There are a lot of Bruco building blocks that are more fun. His building block bucket is the best seller, and the quality is also the best among the building blocks I have ever bought, and the scenes are very rich. Children can unlock various modeling scenes and play a role. Children's multiple imaginations! I recently bought another set of Brook's City Heroes Ladders for my kids...

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