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Question: GODEX (Kecheng) G500-U barcode printer, only paper feeds when printing...

Answer: Answer: 1. Are you set to thermal mode? 2. Is the density setting too low? 3. Is there a ribbon with carbon inside? The problem, it is really impossible to find a supplier to help you.

Question: How to set up my new Kecheng GODEX G500U barcode printer

Answer: Answer: 1. First, create a new window for label printing and find the position of the barcode. 2. After clicking, there will be some barcode choices, select more barcodes. 3. At this time, a window pops up, and the column on the left is the classification of barcodes. There are some standards for barcodes in all walks of life, distribution, retail, medical, etc. According to different applications, there are some...

Question: How to set up my new Kecheng GODEX G500U barcode printer...

Answer: Answer: Set in the driver: right-click the printer driver--"Printing Preferences--"Volume--"Paper Settings, there is a printing method, select thermal.

Question: What's the matter with the red light of the Kecheng G500 label printer

Answer: Answer: 1. Check whether the ribbon and label are installed correctly; 2. Check whether the label sensor is facing the label gap; 3. If the above two steps are correct, perform paper testing: press and hold the FEED button to turn on the power, and let go after the light flashes ;After the label is tested, press the paper feed button. If the paper is feeding normally and the paper is at the tearing position, it means that the machine is normal;

Question: What should I do if the printed graphics of the GODEX barcode printer are not clear?

Answer: Answer: There may be the following reasons. You can see which case you belong to. 1. Use a low-quality ribbon or the ribbon expires; please reinstall the ribbon with better performance. 2. The label paper of poor quality is used (the label paper does not match the ribbon), which greatly reduces the transfer ability of the ribbon. Please replace the label paper with better performance for testing. 3. Warm...

Question: The clothing washing water mark is printed with Kecheng 500 printer, why can't I type it, it is...

Answer: Answer: Check whether the carbon ribbon is inner carbon or outer carbon, don't install it backwards, it may not come out

Question: How to install the driver for Kecheng g500 godex

Answer: Answer: First install the qlabel software, install the usb driver, connect the printer power cord, data cable, turn on the power supply, and install the ribbon label paper. For specific questions, please contact me. Baidu video installation machine I am familiar with

Question: How to set up my new Kecheng GODEX G500U barcode printer

Answer: A: The first step: When you get a printer, the necessary operation is to install the power supply, data cable and consumables. Although simple, in practice users will still forget. Step 2: Calibrate the paper, this operation is to allow the printer to recognize the label normally, to ensure that the label can be accurately conveyed during printing, so as to avoid waste. Step 3: The most basic...

Question: Which brand of thermal label printer is better?

Answer: A: In November 2012, Zhuhai Aimo Technology Co., Ltd. was established, dedicated to creating a compatible label ribbon for the Aimo brand. In December 2017, more than 500 employees of the company moved to Aimo Industrial Zone, with a production and office area of ​​13,000m². Zhuhai Aimo Technology Co., Ltd. is a printing consumable enterprise integrating independent research and development, production and sales, focusing on research and development, production of B...

Question: What are the specifications of the label paper? What are the general specifications?

Answer: Answer: The maximum size of the label paper depends on the width of the label printer and the ribbon, which can be set on the printer. The specification of the label paper is determined by yourself, and the supplier will meet your requirements. 1. Label paper: In order to get a label with perfect quality, in addition to configuring a high-quality barcode printer, a reasonable selection of label paper is also a very important part. eye...

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