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Question: Children's clothing 4 yards, 6 yards, 8 yards, 10 yards, 12 yards, 14 yards, 16 yards refers to the weight and height of children...

Answer: A: Would rather be a little looser. 3. Open crotch pants are not suitable for children who can already crawl and walk, especially girls, who have short urethra to avoid urinary tract infection. Boys should not wear zipper pants, so as not to accidentally embed the foreskin of the genitals in the zipper. The choice of children's clothing styles is mainly based on comfort.

Question: What is the name of the classification of clothes

Answer: Answer: Sweaters, shirts, half sleeves, coats, down jackets, suits, bras, furs, vests, T-shirts, vests, shorts, panties, panties, trousers, trousers, overalls, jeans, short skirts, long skirts, jumpsuits Clothing, mother and child clothing, robes, etc. 1. Sweater sweater, a sweater knitted by machine or by hand. Human beings in primitive life...

Question: What size 120 clothes are worn by children

Answer: A: You can also consult the owner of the clothes. She will give suitable suggestions. It is best to bring your own clothes and let the children try them on. It is the safest and it is not suitable to exchange them on the spot. each

Question: Size of 6 year old children's wool vest

Answer: Answer: 6-year-old boy's wool vest size: bust 2 feet, length 1.3, 1.4 feet, cuff depth 4.8, 5.5 feet. A wool vest is a sleeveless top with only a front and back body. Vests are generally named according to their materials, such as leather vests, wool vests, etc. It can be made single, clipped, or filled with floc in the clip vest. vest sleeveless...

Question: How to display and match children's clothing

Answer: A: The display of children's clothing should be more bold in the use of color from the psychology of children and their parents. Contrasting color display and rainbow display can be used more. In the form of display and the selection of display props, more situational displays can be used. But it is especially important to pay attention to the design of the container or window and the entire store...

Question: I don't think Annai's children's clothing is particularly expensive. How is the quality? Does anyone know?

Answer: A: I was worried that I couldn't wear it because it was too cheap, but I didn't say it for a long time. Anel's can

Question: How to do a good job in children's clothing business?

Answer: A: Roll up the outer trouser legs. Turn up the neckline, cuffs, and hem to get the customer's attention. Girls can wear several skirts to give customers the feeling of peacock opening. 3. Some common sense: suspender skirts, vests (vests) should be equipped with underwear or other clothes, not displayed separately. Good shopping malls require children's clothing counters to change their display every half month.

Question: How can children's clothing stores attract customers and bring business

Answer: Answer: 3. The orientation problem, the attribute of children's clothing belongs to wood. Sitting north facing south is the most preferred orientation, because the north water can produce wood; actually, it is necessary to match the sitting direction according to personal attributes. It is best not to choose the position from south to north. Children's clothing, because of the fire of children's clothing, will be very tiring and not very smooth. (Excluding those who are the Golden God) 4. The steps should not be too high, if...

Question: Seniors, please give pointers, I want to make children's clothing, but I don't know how much to buy for the first time?

Answer: A: If you still don’t know the customer base that your store is facing, it is recommended to go to the surrounding children’s clothing store first. A calculation, do you want to clone others, or pursue your own style. The second step is to go to the wholesale market and observe the people who get the goods...

Question: My child is always sick in kindergarten, what should I do?

Answer: Answer: [1] Summer baby girl pink mesh dress 2017 summer baby vest dress pink princess dress idea children's clothing summer dress girl mesh dress one-year-old dress ¥ 59 Buy the summer vest skirt is made of pure cotton material, very delicate and soft, will not irritate the baby's skin. Mesh stitching design, good ventilation, very cool to wear in summer. Embroidered design on the shoulders, very...

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