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Question: Can vitamin CE soft capsules be used on the face?

Answer: Answer: Vitamin C plus vitamin E can be used for beauty and skin care. Vitamin C has antioxidant and whitening effects, and vitamin E has a repairing effect, but the oral effect of vitamin E is better. It is recommended not to rub it directly. It is better and more uniform to make a mask, and the amount should not be too much. Too much will cause yellowing of the skin. It is recommended to make a mask at night...

Question: Is vitamin e soft capsule good for face

Answer: Answer: The oil floats on the water surface, moisturizing is better, and it can also treat dryness. Using vitamin E will not turn black. Some people will turn black because the oil is more dusty, so if you don't use a barrier cream or powder after using vitamin E, it will look dusty and feel black. Vitamin E can make you look radiant, use it with confidence,...

Question: Can vitamin E softgels be rubbed directly on the face?

Answer: Answer: Vitamin E soft capsules can be directly wiped on the face. Vitamin E capsules have the effect of lightening, whitening and anti-aging. It can be taken orally and applied topically. If you have acne on your face, you should eat less spicy, greasy and irritating food and pay attention to the cleaning of your face, which can prevent acne. It is recommended to develop regular living habits, do not stay up late often...

Question: What does vitamin E softgels do?

Answer: Answer: Vitamin E can be eaten for a long time, but the daily dose should not exceed the prescribed dose, basically one tablet per day. For external use, you can apply it on the face after puncturing it. It works very well for dry skin. Vitamin C is mainly for whitening. Vitamin E and vitamin C can be eaten together, and generally there are no conflicts and side effects.

Question: What is the role of vitamin E soft capsules on the face

Answer: Answer: If vitamin E is taken together with vitamin C, the effect will be greatly improved. In addition, when vitamin E is taken together with vitamin B, the antioxidant effect of vitamin E will be strengthened. Therefore, taking vitamin E, it is best to take it together with vitamin C and vitamin B. This is an approach worth introducing, beneficial to...

Question: Is vitamin E capsules good for external use or internal use?

Answer: Answer: Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant substance, which can be used externally to lighten pigmentation and has certain whitening and anti-photoaging effects. It can also improve local blood supply, promote wound healing, and can be used to treat skin diseases such as frostbite and chapped. So now we often use vitamin E ointment for some skin care and repair. but,...

Question: Can vitamin E and vitamin C be taken orally or topically?

Answer: Answer: Vitamin C and Vitamin E can directly help the skin fight against free radicals, ultraviolet rays and pollutants when entering the skin cells, maintain the elasticity of the skin, and prevent the skin from losing elasticity and aging due to some chronic or hidden damage. E can be applied directly on the face, but in order to prevent some JMS from being allergic to vitamin E, in...

Question: What is the effect of vitamin c and vitamin e mixed milk on the face

Answer: Answer: Vitamin E can be applied directly to the face. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, which can be dissolved in organic solutions such as fat and ethanol. Therefore, if it is applied directly on the face, it can also partially penetrate into the dermis layer, thus playing a certain cosmetic effect, but it is necessary to beware of allergies.

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