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Question: Dogs like to eat freeze-dried, is there any brand of freeze-dried dog food to recommend?

Answer: A: Because this price is not affordable for every pet user, many brands of mixed freeze-dried food have emerged in the domestic market. The so-called mixing is that freeze-dried meat and puffed grains are mixed together for sale, so that the price is more moderate. My brother owns a pet store, and I often go to his store. He said that the current market is selling better...

Question: What is freeze-dried raw meat?

Answer: A: Continue to drain the water vapor under high pressure. Freeze-dried raw meat is not just freeze-dried raw meat, it also covers bones and offal. As the so-called "meat is high in phosphorus, bone is high in calcium", in addition to being rich in two macro minerals, calcium and phosphorus, freeze-dried raw meat also provides natural trace elements such as zinc and copper, as well as important collagen, .. .

Question: Is it suitable for cats to eat freeze-dried raw meat?

Answer: Answer: Yes, freeze-drying is the latest pet processing technology. It adopts rapid low-temperature dehydration, which can better retain the nutrients in freeze-dried food; however, it is not suitable for long-term single feeding. It is better to have other micronutrient supplements. for a more balanced nutritional intake. Now there are also freeze-dried staple foods, which are supplemented with other nutrients, freeze-dried staple foods...

Question: What snacks do Ragdoll cats eat to grow well?

Answer: Answer: Ragdoll cats grow well when they eat the following snacks: Wet food: canned cat food, wonderful fresh bag, cat pudding. Snacks: cat jerky, meat strips, cat sushi, freeze-dried chicken, chicken liver, beef liver, etc. Cat Drugs: Catnip and Polygonum are the perfect treats that most cats can't resist. Nutritional snacks: cheese snack sauce, beauty cream, nutrition...

Question: Freeze-dried food good? Why is it so expensive

Answer: A: There is one very important point we cannot forget, that is, cats are actually predators. They belong to the most ferocious carnivore group of living creatures in the world. When a lion or leopard is hungry to hunt wildebeest, they don't smash the grill or spit. They will eat the raw meat of the animal directly. Freeze-dried cat food...

Question: What do cats eat with gills? What do cats eat more easily?

Answer: Answer: 2. Make delicious and nutritious meals to make the cat gain a fat face. The nutritional supply for the cat should not be left behind. I usually have time to buy some fresh meat and cook it for the cat to eat, and target the cat's face to gain weight. , You can also feed the cat some hair powder such as YuanduMeow, so that the face will grow fleshy faster. 3....

Question: My cat is too skinny, what nutritional supplements should I eat?

Answer: Answer: 3. Long-term feeding of pet nutrition cream to cats will be difficult to gain weight if their nutrition is unbalanced and eating a single food for a long time. Therefore, if the cat is very thin, it is recommended to give the cat nutrition cream directly, as the absorption of nutrients is much faster than food. . If you don't have time to cook meat for the cat, you can choose this method and feed it directly. when...

Question: The difference between freeze-dried and cat food, is it better for cats to eat freeze-dried or cat food

Answer: Answer: 3. Freeze-dried VS other cat snacks Other cat snacks, such as cat biscuits, catnip, cat strips, etc., have low nutritional content, while the content of freeze-dried pure meat is high, and most of them are chicken breast, fish, and rabbit meat. and other raw materials, to supplement the animal protein that the cat body needs, when the cat's activity or calorie intake is insufficient, it will cause the body to...

Question: Is it okay to feed your cat too many cat strips?

Answer: Answer: Not good. Occasional feeding is better, too frequent will easily develop the bad habit of cats being picky eaters. At the same time, cat strips are snacks with some additives, so it is especially easy for cats to be obsessed with cat strips.

Question: How many times a week should cats be fed meat? Why?

Answer: Answer: 3. Fish We all know that cats love to eat fish, and fish is rich in nutrients. If the fish likes salmon, it not only has the effect of beauty and hairdressing, but also has good nutritional value for the skin and heart. Bone can scratch the cat. 4. Egg yolk...

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