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Question: Shoulder bag (it's the kind of small retro bag) I bought it and found that the shoulder strap is not adjustable, but it feels too long...

Answer: Answer: 1. First, according to the length of the strap, fold the strap in half. 2. Hold the strap on the right with your hand. 3. Surround it. 4. After wrapping, thread it out of this hole. 5. Adjust the strap a little after passing through. 6. Finally, put the finished strap in the iron ring of the bag. 7...

Question: How to Make Your Own Bag

Answer: Answer: Step.1 Need to prepare things jeans, scissors, sewing machine, needle and thread, tape measure, Velcro. Step.2 Measure the size of your cut pants, I use the pocket part. Step.3 Remove the zipper This is a special tool for removing stitches. Step.4 Cut a strip along the seam of the trousers as a handle. Step.5 Fasten the zipper to the pocket...

Question: What kind of gold is the chain of the LV five-in-one bag

Answer: A: It's the best value bag I've bought so far. Lv five-in-one can be used as a shoulder bag, messenger bag, waist bag, coin purse, belt. This mahjong bag is composed of 5 accessories, a large mahjong bag x1, a small mahjong bag x1, a round cake coin purse x1, a wide shoulder strap x1, and finally a short chain shoulder strap...

Question: Shoulder bag and chain bag, how do girls choose?

Answer: A: If you have a lot of things with you when you go out, then a single shoulder bag is completely competent. Watchers, the above is my answer to "Shoulder bag and chain bag, how do girls choose?", if you have better ideas, please leave a message in the comment area below.

Question: How to carry a one-shoulder messenger bag? How can it be matched?

Answer: A: It is also a national bag with a relatively high appearance rate in street shooting~ How can girls wear casual clothes with messenger bags? In fact, the messenger bag and the shoulder bag have similarities and differences. If you have a messenger bag, it is best to master its correct carrying method. Most of the straps of the messenger bag can be adjusted, everyone can adjust according to their own ...

Question: What kind of shoulder bag looks good, what kind of shoulder bag is popular this year, what kind of messenger bag is good

Answer: Answer: Style4 Flip Chain Bag Fashion Highlights: The one-shoulder flip bag has the characteristics of showing femininity, whether it is a skirt or trousers, it will show a noble and elegant temperament. Among the popular diagonal bag types in the past two years, the design of metal shoulder straps has become popular in the fashion circle, and the force is also improved again. Such a good-looking and popular bag...

Question: BV chain chain bag is too heavy how to transform

Answer: A: It cannot be modified. The full English name of BV is BOTTEGAVENETA, which belongs to an Italian luxury brand. This BV chain bag has already set the weight of the bag when it leaves the factory. No matter what kind of transformation is carried out, it will not make the bag lighter, and frequent transformation will also Will damage the BV bag.

Question: Shoulder bag recommendation, single shoulder messenger bag recommendation?

Answer: Answer: When shopping for shopping, the one-shoulder messenger bag is light and easy to match, and the one-shoulder messenger bag is suitable for daily wear. It is more convenient to choose the bag with an inner pocket) and other required items. If you prefer a cute little chain bag, you can choose: 17*...

Question: How many types of bags are there? Can you name the common luxury bags?

Answer: A: In fact, Classic Flap is a new version of Classic Flap that Carl Lafayette re-engraved and improved the classic 2.55 after taking over Chanel in the 1980s. Retain the symbolic rhombus pattern, replace the original square buckle with a double C lock, and change the chain to leather and interspersed with a metal chain, which is fashionable and more distinguishable. Of course...

Question: Why are chain bags so popular?

Answer: A: Although the chain bag feels heavier than a regular leather shoulder strap bag, it visually gives a light and cool feeling. And if it is matched with bags of different colors, there will be different effects. Some chain bags are more user-friendly, stitching a piece of leather on the shoulders to reduce the pressure on the shoulders from the chain. 2. The pink and purple messenger bag is very age-reducing, just like...

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