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Question: Succulent plant Xiaobaiyao, I heard that Xiaobaiyao can prevent scale insects

Answer: Answer: Xiaobaiyao is a systemic insecticide with a particularly strong smell of rotten eggs, and the smell is not easy to fade away. It can prevent scale insects. The method of use is to take an appropriate amount of this product and bury it in a flowerpot. But if you are raising it on a closed balcony, I still don't recommend you use it, because I have bought Xiaobaiyao before, and it smells bad, so I can't use it, and my house is also closed...

Question: How much is a gram of imidacloprid for flowers?

Answer: Answer: Imidacloprid is generally available in small packages in flower shops, including a bag of 3 grams, 5 grams, and 10 grams. Those who need large packages can be purchased online. 3 grams is only one or two dollars a pack.

Question: What are potted bugs?

Answer: Answer: In the soil in the flowerpot, the more common insects are scale insects, red spiders, aphids and small black fly, which will spread germs and affect the growth of flowers and plants. 1. Scale insects After the temperature warms up in spring, scale insects will appear in the flowerpots of succulent and Chinese rose plants. The scale insects have strong reproductive ability, but they are easier to clean. If the scales are...

Question: What to do if there are a lot of small bugs crawling in the succulent soil

Answer: Answer: Second, the chemical method. The pot soil is humid for a long time, causing pests to occur. Insecticides can be purchased, sprayed to kill insects, and indoor potted plants should be avoided. 3. Change the living environment of the pests, move the flowerpot to a dry and ventilated place, bask in the sun, pay attention to watering in time, and shade flowers such as orchids and asparagus to prevent sunburn on the leaves. Four,...

Question: Small white spots appear on succulents, treat them quickly, and the whole army will be wiped out one day later!

Answer: Answer: The reasons for the occurrence of succulent scale insects and the reasons for the occurrence of harmful scale insects: In summer, the temperature is high and the weather is sultry. Once the ventilation is poor, it is easy to attract scale insects. The harm of scale insects: 1. The scale insects will cause poor succulent growth, wilting of leaves, and even drop. 2. The honeydew excreted by the scale insects can also cause...

Question: How to completely eliminate succulent scale insects

Answer: Answer: 1. There are scale insects in succulents when spraying drugs. To completely eliminate them, the easiest way is to choose pesticide spraying. Reduce the concentration and use to spray succulents. However, the medication should not be too frequent. Frequent medication will not only make the insects resistant to the drug, but also damage...

Question: Add it to the pot, all the insects will die, and the green leaves and flowers will grow!

Answer: Answer: 3. Spray alcohol on leaves. If the number of scale insects is particularly large, put the alcohol into the watering can and spray it towards the leaves with scale insects. Spray 2-3 times, which can not only kill the scale insects, but also can't even see the eyes. The larvae can also be completely killed. Be sure to open windows for ventilation when spraying. To kill aphids, the reproductive capacity of aphids with grass ash water...

Question: How to deal with leafminers, black fly, aphids, red spiders, etc. most effectively?

Answer: Answer: Washing powder solution: Take 2 grams of washing powder, add 500 grams of water, stir to form a solution, add a drop of clear oil, and spray on the insects on the plant. It can kill aphids, scale insects, red spiders, green worms, white butterflies, lice, etc. Flowers with tuberous roots (such as peony, dahlia) or bulbs (such as lily, lycoris) and fleshy root systems are susceptible to nematodes...

Question: How about scale bugs on succulents

Answer: Answer: 3. Thiamethoxam removes scale insects. Thiamethoxam is a relatively common nicotinic insecticide with high efficiency and low toxicity. It can be used to remove scale insects, which can kill and kill the stomach insects. The effect of contact killing can also be used in combination with killing phosphorus to have a very good insecticidal effect on scale insects on succulents. 4. Silicone high penetrant organic...

Question: What to do when succulent encounters scale insects?

Answer: Answer: When the number is small at first, you can use sharp objects such as needles to stab the insects to death. In the later stage, Xiaobaiyao can be buried under the soil, and when the number is large, the scale insects on the succulent can be cleaned, and the soil after cleaning and disinfection can be prepared and repotted. Succulent plants refer to the roots, stems, leaves of plants...

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