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Question: Where can I find replacement wristbands for Huawei fit?

Answer: A: Now to buy a replacement wristband for Huawei fit, look for the brand canghua. This is an American brand, it is lightweight, breathable and comfortable, and the strap body is breathable.

Question: Huawei WatchFit2 released, what are the advantages of this watch?

Answer: A: Huawei WatchFit2 is released. The advantages of this watch are as follows. 1. The color matching is rich and easy to wear. WATCHFIT2 continues the youthful fashion gene of FIT in the shape design. In terms of style, Huawei still adheres to the "full scene" design concept, and uses rich color matching to meet the needs of different occasions. This time, it launched a variety of colors...

Question: Which Huawei watch is better? Please recommend.

Answer: A: It emphasizes function over form, trying to make it more of a piece of fitness equipment rather than a casual fashion piece. That's exactly what other companies like Apple, Samsung, and LG have done with recent smartwatches, but in Huawei's case, the result is a mix. Huawei built some of its own apps to take advantage of the Watch GT...

Question: Huawei watch gt2 sports version and fashion version difference

Answer: A: The main difference between the sports version and the fashion version of Huawei Watch GT2 is the color of the dial and the material of the strap. The sports model has a black dial with a fluororubber strap; the fashion model has a stainless steel primary color with a brown leather strap. Both smart watches are equipped with Kirin A1 chip, have 15 indoor and outdoor sports modes, 13 running courses, support Bluetooth...

Question: Huawei watch gt2 and gt difference

Answer: Answer: 2. Huawei gt has sports models, fashion models, dynamic models, and elegant models; the sports models use [silicone straps], the fashion models use [saddle brown leather rubber straps], and the dynamic models use [fluororubber straps]. , The elegant model uses [leather strap and fluororubber watch]; 2. In terms of performance and functions 1. Both Huawei watch gt2 watches are...

Question: What does a Huawei smartwatch do?

Answer: A: HUAWEI WATCH (hereinafter referred to as smart watch, watch) is a smart watch that integrates sports health, voice services, and information assistants. It is mainly designed for business people, scientific and technological men, people who pay attention to sports health and pursue quality of life. The smart watch adopts a traditional round dial, and the appearance is re-engraved with fashion and technology.

Question: How to clean the watch strap (wristband) of HUAWEI WATCH FIT?

Answer: Answer: Please keep the watch and skin clean and dry when wearing the sports model daily, and clean the sweat stains in time after exercise. Periodically wipe the watch with a soft cloth to remove dirt from crevices. Rinse the wristband with water and dry it. Do not use any organic solvents (such as hand sanitizer, soapy water, or other acidic and alkaline solvents) to clean the watch to avoid residue...

Question: Which Huawei watch is better?

Answer: A: OS), and then introduce the self-developed LiteOS system on recent devices. What Huawei smartwatches will bring is not anxiety about health information, but services based on professional medical institutions. More sporty and healthier will build a one-stop health experience. The above content reference: Baidu Encyclopedia - Huawei WATCH 3 Pro...

Question: Difference between Huawei GT2 Premium Edition and Sports Edition

Answer: Answer: Bluetooth function: support answering mobile phone calls through the watch, very suitable for busy business people MP3 function: Huawei Watch can store hundreds of music and supports external playback and Bluetooth playback 50 meters Waterproof: can take swimming Price Huawei Watch GT2 mainly has Fashion version (leather strap), sports version (plastic strap), exclusive version (...

Question: Which Huawei sports watch is better?

Answer: Answer: 1. Huawei WATCH GT2 Huawei Watch Sports Smart Watch This smart watch has two specifications of 42mm/46mm. The AMOLED high-definition large screen design has a wide field of vision, bringing you a more comfortable visual experience. 3D curved glass is selected, the quality is stable and strong, and it has scratch-resistant and wear-resistant effects. Equipped with Kirin A1 smart chip, data...

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