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Question: Would you like to buy some snacks for your dog that can grind their teeth?

Answer: Answer: 1. Sheep bones are the same as meat foods. No dog does not like to chew on bones. Bones can help them grind their teeth and supplement calcium. It can be said to have many benefits. However, it is recommended that owners buy sheep and pork bone snacks instead of feeding them directly. Chicken and duck bones, because the bones are too small, it is easy to scratch the stomach. 2. The molar sticks on the market...

Question: What treats to feed a teddy teddy

Answer: Answer: In addition, the nutrients contained in general dog food can meet the needs of dogs. Parents who want to supplement their dogs with additional nutrition should provide dogs with snacks from the dog world. Go to the pet store to see if they can buy dogs. The treats are then bought back for the dogs to eat. For young teddy, parents don't give it a mess,...  

Question: More than 2 months old golden retriever, can I feed molar sticks and calcium milk sticks

Answer: Answer: 1. Most dog treats are jerky, and jerky is a high-quality pet snack with a moisture content of less than 14%, which ensures that the product per unit weight can contain more nutrients, while being tough and chewy. In line with the teddy's natural like to bite and chew. Chewing regularly has a good cleaning effect. 2. jerky...

Question: Are dog teething sticks edible?

Answer: A: Most molar sticks are edible. There are two types of molar sticks: one can be used as a snack and can be used to grind and clean the teeth. This type of molar stick can be used as a training reward and can also help dogs regulate their appetite. The second is mainly to grind and clean teeth, supplemented by the effect of snacks. This kind of molar stick is mostly used for cleaning teeth, femoral molars, bone chewing gum, teeth...

Question: Can puppy Teddy eat a molar stick? Which one is better to eat?

Answer: Answer: Hello! We are Dr. Zhong from the Huangyuan Street Branch of Chengdu Zhenai Pet Hospital. Regarding your question, it’s okay for dogs to eat molars to help their healthy growth. Teddy dogs should depend on your dog. Use the appropriate molar stick for your specific body size and physical condition. Chengdu Zhenai Pet Hospital wishes you and your pets good health,...

Question: Is it okay for dogs to eat teething sticks? How should Teddy choose a suitable teething stick?

Answer: Answer: You can feed some milk cakes in three months, and you can also feed carrots and other beautiful things. At four months, you can start to change your teeth, and you can feed some food such as molar sticks. In addition, Teddy is small and does not need to eat a lot. Don't feed anything with salt, it's already in dog food. Dog lovers have the answer for you.

Question: What dog treats can a 3 month old teddy puppy eat

Answer: Answer: When feeding them snacks, be careful not to feed them too much. Snacks are used as a reward for training, or occasionally fed. If you feed them frequently, it will easily cause them to be picky eaters and no longer like to eat dog food. , The nutrition contained in snacks is far less than that of dog food, so it cannot replace dog food.

Question: Dogs can start to eat pet treats such as chicken and ham toothpaste in about a few months.

Answer: Answer: Taking dog food as an example, it is subdivided into large dog food, medium dog food and small dog food according to the size of the dog; according to specific physiological stages, it is subdivided into puppy food, adult dog food, pregnancy dog ​​food, lactation In addition, there are special dog food specially designed for specific pet breeds, such as golden retriever dog food...

Question: What types of pet food are there?

Answer: Answer: Puppies don't have teeth when they are just born. Generally, they start to grow teeth about 20 days after birth. When dogs grow teeth, they will feel uncomfortable in their mouths. In order to relieve the discomfort, they will bite things. It's like a child who likes to gnaw when teething. At this time, you can prepare some molar sticks for the puppies, don't...

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