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Question: Fuji apple price

Answer: Answer: Xuzhou Fengxian Dashahe Meiba apple precocious red Fuji yellow Fuji green Fuji 5 catties 24.6 yuan fresh fruit Dashahe red Fuji apple green apple fresh apple green Fuji crispy sweet 30 yuan precocious Fuji Yantai red Fuji Qixia apple delicious fresh fruit direct sales package Post Red General Apple 6 63 yuan 2014 is now picking fresh Dasha River red Fuji apples...

Question: What are the characteristics of red Fuji apples?

Answer: Answer: According to the determination of the Ministry of Agriculture, the red Fuji apple fruit contains 17.2% soluble matter, 0.25% titratable acid, 47:56 sugar-acid ratio, VC4.41 mg per 100 grams of pulp, and also contains carotene, fat and protein. , Ca, Fe and other nutrients needed by the human body; Red Fuji apples are large fruits, with an average fruit weight of 180-300...

Question: where apples are delicious

Answer: Answer: Apples in Shandong are generally thin-skinned, full of moisture, sweet and sour. The temperature difference between day and night in Sichuan and Xinjiang is high and the sugar content is high and crispy. Shandong Qixia Red Fuji is big, the fruit shape is right, the color is bright, the appearance is smooth and delicate, the taste is sweet and sour, and the pulp is firm,...

Question: What is the best apple variety in Shandong at present?

Answer: Answer: The leaves are thick and have strong disease resistance and cold resistance. The fruit is medium to late ripening, mature in early October in Linyi, Shandong, and can be naturally stored for more than three months after harvest. National Day Red Apple is a new apple variety listed on National Day. It matures in mid-September on the solar calendar in Linyi, Shandong. The average fruit weight is 328 grams, and the maximum is 582 grams. The inner fruit can be all red and beautiful. fruit...

Question: Types of Fuji apples

Answer: Answer: The maturity period is longer than that of red Fuji, but the storage period is very short, and it is easy to lose its crisp taste. I actually prefer noodles, because they are more sour when they are crispy, and the noodles are slightly sweet and sour, which makes them more delicious. 8. The biggest feature of Jinshuai Jinshuai apples is that they are very sweet and not sour at all. The biggest disadvantage is that it is not resistant to storage.

Question: How much is a pound of apples in the market

Answer: Answer: 75# first and second grade fruit is 3.8 yuan to 4.2 yuan per kilogram, 80# first and second grade fruit is 4.8 yuan to 5 yuan per kilogram, 85# first and second grade fruit is 6 yuan per kilogram, and the price of apples is declining now Trend, whether the price will rise in the later period depends on the supply of apples in the market. With sufficient supply, Apple's price may not rise any further. two,...

Question: May I ask what variety is this very red apple?

Answer: Answer: 3. Red Fuji is one of the most popular apple varieties in my country, originating in Japan. The fruit is round, large, and bright red in color. The pulp is yellow-white, juicy and sweet. Red Fuji apples are also famous in Yantai, Shandong, my country. 2. Morphological characteristics of snake fruit The fruit of the snake fruit is large and conical, with an average fruit weight of 200...

Question: Where are the red Fuji apples that are crunchy and sweet with more juice?

Answer: A: Where are the red Fuji apples that are crunchy and sweet? my country's red Fuji apples are mainly produced in Yantai and Binzhou in Shandong; Shaanxi; Gansu. Where are the best apples in our country? Not Shandong, nor Gansu, but Shaanxi! The largest apple producing area in my country is actually Shaanxi, accounting for about 25% of the country's total apple production, followed by Shandong, accounting for about 25% of the country's total apple production.

Question: What is the best apple variety right now?

Answer: Answer: 5. Red General, Red General Apple is a dense red bud of early-maturing red Fuji introduced by experts from Japan. It is a very good medium-ripening variety. Its taste is indeed outstanding, the pulp is yellow-white, the texture is slightly looser than the red Fuji, sweet, crisp and refreshing, fragrant, thin and juicy.

Question: The Difference Between Brushed Crispy Apples and Red Fuji Apples

Answer: Answer: Short conical shape, golden-yellow fruit surface. The sun mask is light blush, with red intermittent broad stripes. The nutritional content of the brushed crisp apples and the red Fuji apples is not much different. The taste of brushed apples is sour and sweet. This variety is different. There are not many brushed apples now planted, because the fruit quality is good, and the market supply is small. It is a relatively precious fruit,...

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